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Editorials about the Philadelphia 76ers.

LeBron James Sixers

Hinkie’s 76ers Poised to Lay Low During 2014 Free Agency Period

June 27, 2013 was when everything changed. New General Manager Sam Hinkie pulled the trigger on a blockbuster move, trading starting point guard Jrue Holiday to New Orleans for a 2014 first-rounder and lottery pick Nerlens Noel and then selecting Michael Carter-Williams with the 11th pick. After half a season of mediocre play with the […]

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Andrew Wiggins Sixers

2014 NBA Draft: Sixers Two-Round Mock Draft 2.0

Every weekend, the Sixers writers at Khandyman Sports will be publishing a mock draft, projecting who the Sixers will select with each pick. Up this week, editor-in-chief Manav Khandelwal. To see them all, click here. Ever since the trade deadline, the Philadelphia 76ers (15-50) have been one of the worst teams in NBA history. They […]

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Jabari Parkers Sixers

2014 NBA Draft: Sixers Two-Round Mock Draft 1.0

Every weekend, the Sixers writers at Khandyman Sports will be publishing a mock draft, projecting who the Sixers will select with each pick. Up first, Luke Green. We all know what the Philadelphia 76ers (15-47) are up to this season. They are purposely tanking this year for the draft. This year’s class is said to […]

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Evan Turner Thad Young Spencer Hawes

Who to Stash and Who to Trash: Sixers Roster

This season has not been a good one, and barring a miracle, it will not get much better. This season’s demise, however, has not surprised many avid fans. Most Philadelphians envisioned a similar trajectory for the year before it started. That being said, mediocrity, or even sub-mediocrity, is not going to become the standard for […]

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Turner, Sixers Beat Celtics

76ers Analysis: Evan Turner Becoming A Valuable Asset

Throughout the first 44 games of the season, Philadelphia 76ers SG/SF Evan Turner has had a career season thus far. Although he has not been very efficient lately, he is currently averaging 18.5 ppg and 6.1 rpg. The main factor that comes into play when it comes to lack of efficiency and increased points is […]

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Michael Carter-Williams ROTY

Sixers Michael Carter-Williams Leading NBA Rookie of the Year Race

Submitted to Khandyman Sports from Justin at We are a little more than two months into the 2013-2014 season and we can already determine which rookies will lead the race for the NBA Rookie of the Year award. Surprisingly, this season’s No.1 overall pick, Anthony Bennett from the Cleveland Cavaliers, isn’t even in the […]

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Arnett Moultrie

Philadelphia 76ers: Assessing the Impact of Arnett Moultrie’s Return

The Philadelphia 76ers (13-28) are eagerly awaiting the return of a first-round pick who has been sidelined since training camp with a lower-body injury. No, it is not Nerlens Noel, the Kentucky center who the team traded for during the 2013 NBA Draft, but PF/C Arnett Moultrie, who the 76ers traded for during the 2012 NBA Draft […]

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Thaddeus Young 76ers

Stay or Go? Sixers Would Be Foolish to Trade PF Thaddeus Young

After a blazing hot 3-0 start, the Philadelphia 76ers are starting to do what many experts predicted they would at the start of the season: lose games. Considered to be one of the teams “tanking” for a better spot in this year’s star-studded draft, the 76ers (8-20) have been involved in plenty of trade rumors […]

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Wiggins Parker Randle 76ers

A New Revolution, Tanking in the NBA: Sixers Edition

The NBA is a “superstar” driven league.  In recent years, every team that has won a championship had one, two, or even three elite players. I hate to say it, but the NBA has become a league highlighting individuals, rather than teams. The most synchronized, unselfish team can only get so far when they eventually […]

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MCW dunks on LeBron

Michael Carter-Williams Turns in Historic Debut for 76ers

As one star career ends, another one begins. To start of season where many thought the Philadelphia 76ers (0-1) would attempt to intentionally lose to get a high draft pick, the Sixers certainly shocked the world. On the night where Allen Iverson made his official retirement, the Sixers defeated the defending champs, the Miami Heat […]

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michael carter-williams vs heat

Philadelphia 76ers, Michael Carter-Williams Upset Miami Heat: Recap and Analysis

Well. That just happened. I am sure no one reading this expected the Philadelphia 76ers (1-0) to defeat the reigning NBA champion Miami Heat. Everyone expected the Sixers to be the worst team in the league this year, and thought they were intentionally blowing the season for this year’s upcoming draft, where they could possibly […]

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Nerlens Noel Sixers

76ers Analysis: The Nerlens Noel Effect

Bo Jackson is often regarded as the greatest, or at the very least, one of the greatest athletes to have ever lived. However, his athleticism was not the sole reason for his success. Bo Jackson had something else; Bo Jackson had swagger. “Bo Knows” was his catch phrase, and he backed it up with catches […]

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