NBA Power Rankings of Week 5


30 (30)

WAS Wizards 4-16 Can’t beat the unfathomable upset of OKC for shock value, but it really can’t be looked at as anything more than a temporary distraction in a lost season.

29 (28)

CHA Bobcats 3-18 The Bobcats’ best games all season, apart from a thriller in Miami, were wins against the mediocre Knicks. Walker is in a lost situation.

28 (23)

TOR Raptors 7-14 The compacted season can’t go fast enough for the Raps, who can’t score without center Andre Bargnani. They need more depth.

27 (29)

 NO Hornets 4-16 Expectations were low after the CP3 deal, but no one expected them to be this bad. Thank injuries for their 1-13 tailspin.

26 (27)

NJ Nets 7-14 D-Will nearly got a triple-double on Sunday, but the Nets need to fix this: they’ve shot a lower % than their opponent in every game.

25 (18)

NY Knicks 7-13 As rough as things are without a true PG and clashing stars, I’d still have made the trade. They gave a way a lot, but … they got Melo.

24 (26)

 DET Pistons 4-17 Detroit is one of two teams not to have allowed a 30-point scorer. But, they haven’t scraped 100 points themselves. Need balance to win.

23 (22)

CLE Cavaliers 8-11 It’ll take a lot to put a damper on the exellence of Kyrie, but last week was an undeniable patience-tester after several tough losses.

22 (25)

SAC Kings 6-14 Home win over Indiana? Shocking the Spurs on the road? Adds up to a week off from the usual harping about the Kings’ need for a passer.

21 (20)

GS Warriors 6-12 For a guy with 15 games on his resume, Mark Jackson is well-acquainted with excruciating losses. His team’s average loss comes by four points.

20 (16)

BOS Celtics 9-10 The surprise isn’t that the reeling Celts are willing to blow up their aging roster. It’s the fact that their owners are so vocal about it.

19 (21)

 PHX Suns 7-12 This team may not have the offense to win right now, but they have the savviness. Two wins while scoring under 80 points is impressive.

18 (19)

Minnesota T’Wolves 9-11 This team is looking very good going forward, especially with the young talent they have (Williams, Rubio, Love, Beasley).

17 (24)

MIL Bucks 6-9 Brandon Jennings’ recent resurgence has led to a couple nice road wins, most prominently in South Beach, so expect the Bucks to hang around.

16 (14)

POR Trailblazers 12-8 I was prepared to give Portland a bye, but a loss to Detroit changed that. They need more production from the bench.

15 (5)

L.A. Lakers 12-9 The Lakers are still title contenders, believe me, but perhaps a mega-deal (involving Pau) could be in the future.

14 (12)

UTA Jazz 11-7 Utah has been remarkably good in 2012, with only two losses, but their lack of daily superstar talent has me doubting them.

13 (17)

HOU Rockets 12-8 With a softer schedule and center Sammy Dalembert producing, the Big 3 of Martin, Lowry, and Scola could lead this team far.

12 (11)

 DAL Mavericks 13-8 Even without Tyson Chandler, the Mavericks have a top three defense. As long as Dirk stays healthy, they will continue to rise.

11 (10)

L.A. Clippers 11-6 CP3, who beat the Heat and the Lakers, is now on the bench after pulling a hammy. In Lob City, however, they actually have depth with Mo.

10 (15)

MEM Grizzlies 10-9 Make that three straight losses for the Z-Bo-less Grizz, but 11 straight double-digit rebound performances from Marc Gasol.

9 (7)

ATL Hawks 15-6 The Hawks, on a tear even without Horford, showed signs of weakness by losing at Philly. Their response? Shred Cleveland by 27.

8 (8)

 ORL Magic 12-8 Ryan Anderson’s lights-out shooting, Hedo’s resurgence, and Dwight’s production as a 20-15 guy have the Magic in a good spot.

7 (6)

SA Spurs 12-9 Even with injuries ravaging the Spurs, they are 2-8 away from home. No wonder Pop has been openly calling them “soft”.

6 (13)

 IND Pacers 13-6 Indiana’s solid win over the Lakers and excellent showing at home have them as one of the top 4 Eastern teams.

5 (4)

PHI 76ers 14-6 After losing to Miami, the Sixers have responded with double-digit wins over CHA and DET as the schedule starts to heat up.

4 (9)

DEN Nuggets 14-6 30-12 since the Melo trade? Danilo Gallinari has been fantastic in a Nuggets uniform, and Ty Lawson’s 7 APG is a plus.

3 (1)

OKC Thunder 16-3 The Thunder have been the best team since the Melo trade, but a loss in D.C. to the listless Wizards is hard to overlook.

2 (3)

 MIA Heat 15-5 The home loss to a Milwaukee was embarrassing, but wins over the Lakers, Sixers, and the Bulls are nice.

1 (2)

CHI Bulls 17-5 Even after losing in South Beach yesterday, nobody can overlook how dominant the Bulls have been overall.


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