Sunshine/Overcast: Week 6

Certain teams are on the rise, and others seem headed for overcast weather. Aging teams seem to be finding their second wind, and other don’t.

Sunshine filled teams: Phoenix Suns, Houston Rockets, Detroit Pistons

Phoenix Suns

Finally, it seems like the Suns can finally catch their breath after having many long weeks. This week, Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns take on a weakened Dallas team, whom they’ve almost beaten when Dirk and Jason Kidd were both fully healthy. After that, the Suns face the struggling Hornets, a decent Rockets team, and end the week with a lost-hoped Bobcats team. All in all, the Suns may not win every game this week, but it’s a heck of a lot better than their previous weeks. Now Phoenix can finally be the sunniest city in the world again.

Phoenix finally will get some basketball sunshine, which helps the cause of their team name.

Houston Rockets

No one’s really talking about the Houston Rockets, but they’re doing fairly well in a tough Western Conference. The Rocket’s are 9-1 their past ten games, and are 9-2 at home in the season. Kyle Lowry and Kevin Martin are staying healthy and making a deadly guard duo, while Samuel Dalembert is posting career highs. The skyrocketing Rockets face a young but talented Timberwolves team twice, but the Rockets have beaten them before. Then, the Rockets face the Spurs, whom they’ve beaten 2 out of 3 times, but can easily beat them the way the Rockets have been playing. Finally, the Rockets end a nice week against the rebuilding Suns, who can only put up very little competitiveness. Houston may not be talked about a lot, but they still are predicted some sunshine this week.

If Samuel Dalembert continues to post career highs, the Rockets could continue to see a lot of sunshine.

Detroit Pistons

The Pistons haven’t been the greatest team out there – in fact, they’re 2-8 in their last ten games – but they have an easy schedule, which could help them turn it around. The Pistons first start off against a Bucks team that is without Andrew Bogut for at least 8-10 weeks, but Brandon Jennings is still capable of creating plays. The Pistons should be able to handle them then, and a few days later. The Pistons next face a greedy Knicks team, which they should win if they force Carmelo Anthony to have the rock. The Pistons then face a uncoordinated Nets team, and end the week against a slumping Hornets team. The Pistons may not look great now, but they’re schedule shows a nice break with a warm front heading their way.

Deep inside, Charlie Villanueva and the rest of the Pistons are jumping with joy for the sunshine-filled week to finally begin.

Cloud covered teams: Cleveland Cavaliers, Philadelphia 76ers, Denver Nuggets

Cleveland Cavaliers

Despite having a 12-0 run cap off a huge comeback win over the streaking Celtics, it doesn’t look like it’ll pay off for the Cavs, as they face Boston again, and then face the Magic and Mavs. Kyrie Irving has done a magnificent job these past few games, dropping a nice amount  of points but playing against three defenses this week may force him to either pass or shoot actual jumpers. Although the Cavs may try to make one game close, especially with the Mavs and Celtics having veterans getting injured, I still expect them to see only clouds, and maybe a few raindrops.

How else can Kyrie Irving (left) feel when you face three of the top defenses in the NBA?

Philadelphia 76ers

After just having a nice week of sunshine last week, the Sixers will finally get a chance with destiny, as they face four of the top teams in the east, all on very short rest. The Sixers first take on the slumping Magic, but as long as Superman is on the opposing side, the Sixers will have a long game. The next day, the Derrick Rose led Bulls are charging at full speed and the Sixers probably won’t put up much of a fight after last night. Then, the Sixers host the Heat who have Dwyane Wade back, which couldn’t sound worse to the Sixers’ ears. Finally, the exhausted Sixers end the week at Atlanta to take on the surging Hawks, who are 5-1 in their past 6 games. Overall, expect drops of hail to be pelted at Philly.

The Sixers will feel like this at the start of each game. They may need a little more covering for the hail than that.

Denver Nuggets

We don’t usually see Denver so heated up, especially in the cold winter months. After Tim Tebow and the Broncos were eliminated from the NFL Playoffs, Denver turned to the Nuggets, and at just the right time. The Nuggets were literally unbeatable, easily handling the Lakers, Heat, and Knicks. However, most of their wins have come against fairly beatable teams. To test to see if their record is really how good this team is, the Nuggets face the Grizzlies, both LA teams, and the Trailblazers. Both LA teams have played excellent, with their superstars leading the way. The Grizzlies have fared well without forward Zach Randolph, and they continue to play hard for a high playoff seed. The Trailblazers are off the radar, but still can compete hard against tough teams. Expect Denver to finally get some snow after an unusually warm winter.

The Denver Nuggets' logo finally makes sense: The snow could finally start falling now!


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