Briere and JVR Injury Update

Danny Briere and James Van Riemsdyk are both out with concussions. We know that. The bad news? They’re ETA back on the ice is still up for grabs.

Forward Daniel Briere of the Philadelphia Flyers last played January 21, 2012 in the Flyers 4-1 win over the New Jersey Devils. Ever since then he has been out indefinitely with a concussion. The Flyers have been 2-2-2 since Briere went out with a concussion, losing steam during the process. Flyers forward has been back out practicing, taking contact and passing all concussion tests recently. His concussion was lifted from out indefinitely to day-to-day on Monday.

When asked about his return against the Islanders on February 7, 2012, Danny responded “It’s a possibility, I haven’t ruled it out”. Briere will be seeing doctors over the next couple days to be tested. His veteran leadership cannot be denied as a major part of Philadelphia’s success, but his on the ice performance isn’t too shabby either. His 624 career points and 248 points in 303 games wearing orange and black both lead the team. This is not Daniel Briere’s first concussion in his career but is his first in a Flyers uniform.

JVR's void hasn't been filled yet, and the Flyers would certainly like to see him return soon.

James Van Riemsdyk, the Flyers blooming left winger, practiced on Monday which was optional to the team after having 3 games in the past 4 days. James did not comment on his condition, but inches closer to return as he is back out on the ice, skating and getting back in shape. JVR has 11 goals this season, and would have many more if it were not for games where he simply didn’t have the physical capability to play effectively.

Do not be surprised to see Danny Briere and possibly  James Van Riemsdyk back out on the ice by Saturday as they take on the New York Rangers, but the reunion could be postponed until later in February. The Flyers will be competing in 2 games between now and then, which means two more games without two star players. Philadelphia stands in 2nd place with 66 points in the Atlantic Division, trailing the rival New York Rangers in 1st place with 71 points. More reports to come, so stay tuned.

Ben Euler is Khandyman’s Flyers Beat Reporter, covering the latest Flyers news.


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