Andre Iguodala Elected to first All-Star Game

There are two sides to this story. The NBA fans side/Sixer fans side and my side. I personally believe that Andre Iguodala should have been selected as an All-Star in 2008-09, 2010-11, and this year, which he did. In 2008-09, he was scoring the most out of any season in his career and really put together a highlight reel of himself full of slam dunks, smooth passes, half court shots, and a few game winners. He probably would have made it if the Sixers had a better record, maybe 5-10 games over .500, by the time All-Star selection came around. I think we all agree that Andre nor any Sixer (maybe AI3) should have made it in 2009-10.

Iguodala, the new AI, has been the best player on the Sixers for the last half-decade.

The only mention he has from that season was that he compiled a few thirty point games. Nonetheless, the Sixers finished the season with an embarrassing 27-55 record, going an atrocious 12-29 at home. They had just 4 more home wins than the New Jersey Nets, who finished the year at 12-70. Last year, the Sixers shaped up, got themselves some hype, and Iguodala had 3 triple-doubles. The Sixers were 3-0 in those games that he had triple-doubles in. He started to pass and rebound much more than he would score (he could not buy buckets, to be honest). This made ‘Dre ever closer to his first appearance.

Then, this year rolled around, and the Sixers went W (win) crazy. Iguodala already has 1 triple-double, on his birthday, in a 20 point win over the Pistons. He has strung together a few nice scoring games and a ton of games where he was taking on the identity of a point guard, who would only pass; or a center, that would only grab boards. Iguodala has really put together some beautiful games so far this year. The Sixers are 10 games over .500, at 18-8. They have also pulled out key victories over excellent squads in the Lakers, Hawks, Bulls, and Magic.

Iguodala's involvement in USA's Olympic team is further justification for his first ASG appearance.

If you ask me, Iggy has worked for this accomplishment and I would argue that he should have already had his first All-Star selection 3 years ago. I also guarantee you that the Sixers fabulous start has contributed to why Iguodala is on the team this year. How can a team this good not have an All-Star? That simple question is why Andre is a star. Without him, they would be well under .500 and would have no means of an effective rotation. Honestly, Andre is a pretty good basketball player, and his team has become a legitimate contender. He half deserves to be an All-Star because of his numbers and because he is the Sixers best player. It would not make sense to have this good of a team without a star. So, since he is the best player, he was a reasonable pick-up as a reserve.

If Andre would shoot free throws better (maybe 78% rather than 61%), could shoot the three ball better, had a greater ability to take over games and come through in the clutch, he would earn multiple All-Star appearances and could be leading the Sixers to the Finals and maybe even a title. Most people think Iguodala is just a bad player because he is not a consistent scorer. But basketball is about scoring, passing, rebounding, and being a team player, right?


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Author:Austin Krell

Sixers beat writer and NBA analyst

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