Rangers knock off Flyers for 5th Time

Disappointing. Pathetic. Frustrating. Whatever you want to call it, it’s still another loss. Yet, the Flyers seem to be able to look on.  They dropped their fifth straight loss to the Rangers this season on February 11. With the loss they are now 6 points behind New York.

Henrik Lundqvist #30 celebrates with teammates after they defeat the Flyers 5-2

    The Rangers opened the scoring with a surprising power play goal from captain Ryan Callahan. The Rangers had the 4th worst power play percentage in the NHL coming into this game. But, statistics would not be able to predict what the blue-shirts would do.  The Flyers tied the score at one, 13:03  into the first when Wayne Simmonds deflected a slap shot from defenseman Andre Mezaros. Under four minutes later, star-forward Marian Gaborik scored a powerplay goal (27) to put his Rangers on top 2-1 heading into the second.

The Flyers would score their final goal of the game 6 minutes into the second. Claude Giroux scored on a breakaway. Lundqvist made the original save, but Giroux pushed the puck past the goaltender for his 22nd goal of the season. Ryan Callahan scored his second of the day three minutes later on another power play goal.  The Rangers had scored three power play goals by the time the horn sounded. In the second, he Rangers reached the 3 goal mark which seems to be the magic number to beat the Flyers.

Ryan Callahan #24 and teammates celebrate his hat-trick

The key to the Rangers’ success on the power play was the crisp cycling of the puck.  The Flyers penalty kill unit’s only hope of clearing the zone was if a Ranger player lost control.  Although the unit did kill off some crucial Ranger power plays later in the game, the strong kills came too late.

In the third, hopes of a comeback seemed to diminish. A giveaway behind the net helped the Rangers extend their lead to two as Artem Anisimov scored (9). Then, the Rangers put the icing on the cake when Ryan Callahan scored (21) for his second career hat-trick. Rangers’ fans who had made the trip threw hats on the ice as Flyers’ fans were silenced. The Wells Fargo Center began to clear as the final minutes ticked away to another disappointing loss.

You can say the Flyers took too many penalties (68 minutes), or that the goaltenders are pathetic, or that the team is too young and unexperienced, or maybe even Henrik Lundquist is too good (which he is). But, what any Flyers’ fan can agree upon is that they can’t beat the Rangers.  Its been 7 games since they’ve grasped a W over the red, white, and blue.  They can play with any other team, and they have proved it.  So the question is, why can’t they beat this team? Where did the Mojo go?
Stay tuned for Flyers vs. Red Wings.


  • Bryzgalov missed his second straight game with the flu
  • Lundqvist is 21-10-3 vs. Philadelphia
  • New York is 11-3-1 against the Atlantic Division this season
  • This is the the Flyers seventh straight loss to the Rangers between two seasons

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