Red Streaks, Flyers Lose 4-3

DETROIT — Frustration pretty much sums it up. The Flyers went 0-2 on the weekend, losing to Detroit tonight. They are now 8 points behind the Rangers in their division, and have fallen to a tie for fourth place in the East. The orange and black were given front seats to witness the Detroit Red Wings win their 20th straight at home, tying the record with Philadelphia and Boston. They beat the Flyers 4-3 in what seemed to be a close game. Which it was, until the third period.

Schenn celebrates his 7th goal of the season as he ties the score at 1 (ESPN).

Niklas Kronwall scored 7:08 into the game on a power play goal. The game appeared to be taking a disastrous turn for the Flyers, but then an opportunity arose. Detroit goalie Joey MacDonald struggled with a clearing attempt behind his net, and the Flyers capitalized. Brayden Schenn scored on an open net with a beautiful assist from Danny Briere. The period would end with the score tied at one.

In the second period, a total of four goals were scored. Brayden Schenn scored his second of the game (8) to put his team up.  He continues to develop into what will hopefully be a star forward. Star Detroit forward Pavel Datsyuk scored on a powerplay to tie the

The Detroit Red Wings celebrate their 20th straight win at home (ESPN).

score at two. Momentum went back and forth as the period dragged on, and then Maxime Talbot scored his 14th to put his team back on top. Philadelphia seemed to have the edge until Henrik Zetterberg scored 2:02 later. The score was once again tied as the horn sounded.

Johan Frazen’s tie-breaking goal was the turning point of the matchup. He scored less than a minute into the period. The Flyers had plenty of opportunities to tie the score, but the Red Wings held on. MacDonald finished with 26 saves, and Sergei Bobrovsky saved 21. He has allowed 19 goals in his last 4 starts. That is not what you hope to see from a goalie. Even if he is a backup.

It is hard to understand why the Flyers continue to lose with all the talent they possess. Sure it’s young and raw, but these rookies and hot shots will continue to grow and develop. But that will take a coupe years. The season is still going on. What the Flyers need are some veteran players who can lead. Paul Holmgrem needs to work to bring this in, and then Philly will have a stanley cup team. The players need to keep their heads up, and play like they did in the beginning of the season. There still is hope.

Philadelphia now has three days off before a home bout with the Buffalo Sabres.


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