Fernandez Named Big 5 Player of the Week

Temple’s senior guard from Argentina, Juan Fernandez, was named Big 5 player of the week after helping to lead Owls to 10 straight wins and the lead in the Atlantic 10. Fernandez has been averaging 11.5 points per game, 3.5 assists per game, and 2.5 rebounds per game.

Fernandez, while not the most glorified, has been a team leader (B/R).

He has the attitude of a true point guard, finds the open man first, but hits big shots when needed. While Ramone Moore and Khalif Wyatt do all the shiny and glamourous things, Fernandez does all the dirty work. He helps with 3.5 assists per game, and he has led Temple to be third in the Atlantic 10 with 15.4 assists per game. He also averages 2 turnovers per game, which is very good among point guards.

Fernandez has been especially good lately, which is why he got these POTW honors. With 36 points, 10 assists, and 6 steals in his last two contests, Fernandez has been the hottest guard in the Atlantic 10.

The senior guard has shown basketball IQ, but this year he has shown that he has the skill to play with anyone. Fernandez can be compared to Minnesota Timberwolves guard Ricky Rubio. The two international guards both have that pass-first attitude; Rubio averages 8.5 assists per game in his rookie year in the NBA. Also, they both are – and have been – wise beyond their years. The first time Fernandez played, I thought he was a senior by the poise he showed with the ball and how he seemed to make no poor decisions.

Watching Fernandez run this team this year has been like watching Steve Nash orchestrating a victory with barely any points. Watch and see if Juan Fernandez can keep this magical season alive and make a run deep in the March Madness tournament.


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