Bear Watch: Sixers Lose Again

The Philadelphia 76ers (20-13) were going to have a much harder time in the season than they did earlier in the season. Many Sixers fans across the country knew that as the schedule got more cruel and the games were longer, wins were going to be quite a challenge. Although before, when we had a nice winning streak in the “Death Row”, dubbed by head coach Doug Collins when we faced a reign of strong opponents, we continued to believe in the fantasy fact that we were actually capable of easily getting wins. Now, a few weeks later, we have a season-worst four-game losing streak and we’re looking reality straight in the eye.

Marc Gasol (right) led the way for the Grizzlies with 15 points, 14 rebounds, 7 assists, and 5 blocks.

Last night, on February 21, the Sixers took their three-game losing streak into Memphis (19-15) and 12 minutes into the game, it seemed as if we might as well make it four consecutive losses. Despite an abysmal first quarter, the Sixers tried to fight back but it was never enough as the Grizzlies cruised over the Sixers 89-76.

The damage was suffered early on when Memphis beat us worse than the Dallas Mavericks beat us in the second half on February 17. In fact, ever since we blew that huge first half lead against the defending champs, life for the Sixers has been a complete train wreck. The latest incident in this wreckage was when the Grizzlies took a 30-10 lead into the second quarter.

The Sixers made things more respectable by halftime, cutting Memphis’ lead from 20 to five. However, Memphis took control in the second half, unlike the wild first half. A late fourth quarter run by the Grizzlies put away Philadelphia for good and extended the worst losing streak of the season.

This latest loss came because surprisingly, the Sixers’ bench was unable to bail them out of a huge disadvantage, as their starting lineup failed to complete anything. Lou Williams and Thaddeus Young were completely shut down, combining to shoot a dismal 5-24. Jrue Holiday had more than 20 points for the second night in a row, but rookie center Lavoy Allen and Andre Iguodala were the only other Sixers who had double figures for Philly. Remember those days when 5 or more Sixers’ scored more than 10 points a game? Those days are looking farther and farther away than ever now.

Despite another solid showing by Jrue Holiday, who had 22 points and a season-high four assists, he couldn't lead the slumping Sixers.

Memphis has started off slowly after being held with high expectations. Memphis knocked off the 1-seeded Spurs in the playoffs last year. This year, the Sixers were held with average expectations and have skyrocketed since the start of the season. Now, the Sixers are nosediving back down to Earth while Memphis is the team that is silently skyrocketing.

After getting easily tamed by the fourth best team in the Southwest division, the Sixers now have to travel south in less than 24 hours to face the Houston Rockets (19-14). Things were undeniably going to get harder for the Sixers and now that it has, the hope is that this doesn’t go on for too long.

Meanwhile, in the Atlantic Division, the Sixers still have dominant control over the inconsistant Boston Celtics (15-16) and New York Knicks (16-17) with a four game lead, but if this slump continues, this could get out of hand. The Sixers are currently the fourth seed in the playoffs, if it started now.


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