Oilers Trip Up Flyers

Devan Dubnyk celebrates his shutout against the Flyers (ESPN).

The Edmonton Oilers blanked Philadelphia (33-20-7) 2-0 on February 23rd, resulting in the Flyers’ 20th loss.

The game was in a stalemate until Edmonton scored on the power play, 3:26 into second, on a Taylor Hall tally. Just over 4 1/2 minutes later, the Oilers struck again, when Jordan Eberle picked up a loose puck and shot it towards Bryzgalov. It bounced of his pad and trickled in for another soft goal.

5 minutes into the third would be the Flyers only opportunity to score. Jakub Voracek slapped a shot past Devan Dubnyk, but Oilers defender Tom Gilbert prevented the goal. Less than three minutes left in the game, the Oilers were given a penalty shot. However, Shawn Horcoff did not score.

Mental breakdowns were the impetus behind yet another defeat in February. The Oilers’ record, 24-30-6, is the second worst in the NHL, but statistics cannot show what this team is capable of doing. They beat a good Calgary team 6-1 on February 21. In many ways they are like the Flyers. Both teams have young players, unlike many teams in the NHL. However, a great team’s success is built upon experience and chemistry. Without that you just have an inconsistent team, which both the Flyers and Oilers are. These two essentials will take time to develop.

So, as a fan you can look at it in two ways. The Flyers are pathetic and cannot win, or the Flyers have all the potential to be the best and they will be the best in coming years. Let’s hope it is the latter.


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