Briere, Grossman Injury Update

As we move towards the Stanley Cup Playoffs, health is a huge factor for any team.

Health is especially critical for the Flyers coming down to the final stretch of the season, as they want to clinch home ice advantage for the likely Pennsylvania matchup.

Vitale crushes Briere near center ice, putting him out indefinitely.

Two critical players went down on Sunday in the Cross State battle between the Penguins and the Flyers. The game was became very dirty as the final horn was about to go off, giving us a very good look at what the playoff series will be like.

To start off, Flyers defenseman Nicklas Grossman left Sunday early in the game with a lower body injury. Everyone was nervous as the injury first occurred, but then news was released that it would be a 7-10 day healing process. He will return right in time for the playoffs to begin which is a good sign. His play only reinforces a defensive unit that has improved with the additions of him  and Pavel Kubina.

Late in the third period, as the game was beginning to wind down, things got a bit out of hand between the two teams. It all began when Joe Vitale of the Penguins put down a clean hit on Flyers forward Daniel Briere. Even though the hit was clean, the timing was just uncalled for as they were losing by a dramatic deficit.

This hit sparked a wild, uncontrollable brawl between the two teams, including Flyers coach Peter Laviolette getting up on the boards and arguing with Penguins coach Dan Bylsma. This brawl came minutes after Brayden Schenn crosschecked Sidney Crosby on the back, sending him to the ice. Some sources say that if Schenn did not hit Crosby that none of this would have happened. A total of 52 penalty minutes resulted from the brawl and Peter Laviolette was fined $10,000.

That hit on Briere put him out indefinitely with an upper back contusion, putting Philadelphia in a tough spot. We do not know whether or not he will return for the playoffs but every Flyers fan is crossing their fingers. Hopefully he is 100% and ready to go by the time the playoffs roll around.


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