Flyers vs Penguins Series Preview

Regular Season Stats

    • Season Stats
      • (W) 2-3
      • (W) 4-2 @ Pittsburgh
      • (L) 4-6
      • (OT) 2-3
      • (W) 6-4 @ Pittsburgh
      • (L) 2-4 @ Pittsburgh

The Flyers posted a 4-2-0 record against the Pittsburgh Penguins this season. The Penguins finished with a 2-3-1 record against the Flyers, and are 1-5 at home against them in there last six meetings. Pittsburgh did gain home ice advantage, but that can be seen as negative for them. The Flyers were impressive on the road with 25-13-3 record.

Who could hurt us?

Evgeni Malkin

The NHL’s leading scorer had 50 goals on the season and led the Penguins on offense after being benched with an injury last year. He posted nine points against the Flyers, including 9 points.

Sidney Crosby
Doesn’t all of Philly despise the name. Sadly, he is one of the better players in the NHL even after missing most of the 2011-2012 season. He played three games in the season series and had a goal and 3 assists. Crosby became hot at the end of the season with a five-game point streak, so it would be in the Flyer’s best interest to contain him.

Pascal Dupuis
Yet another great Pens player who is on a point streak coming into the playoffs. He has withheld a 17-game point streak.

James Neal
He put up some great numbers this season with a goal in the defeat of the Flyers on April 1st. He had 40 goals, 41 assists which makes him a major threat to Flyers’ defensemen.

What Flyers will stand out?

Claude Giroux
Isn’t it obvious? Giroux led the Flyers in scoring and finished 3rd in the NHL in that category. But, “G” really became a team player after the All-Star break. A decrease in scoring was seen, but his ability to set up plays in close games and on the power-play gave the Flyers chances to win. He finished the season with 65 assists, and scored his jersey number over the season, with 28 goals.

Danny Briere
If he is able to return for the series Briere could possibly be the biggest asset to the team. In last years playoffs he recored 9 points in 11 games. In the 2010 playoffs, over the course of 23 games he recored 30 points. So the statistics show that he tends to get hot around this time of year. He can be Mr. April? How about May and June? I think so.

Jakub Voracek
Jake finished the season with 7 points against the Pens and 10 points in his final seven games. His speed and stick skills make him a major threat to Fleury and the Pens defense. Luckily, his injury early this season did not have a long-lasting effect.

The Old-time Pen and the Cup Winner
Jaromir Jagr proved that he still has it at 40. No, it wasn’t his most impressive season, but give the guy some credit. Jagr took Giroux under his wing, and his mentorship could be seen. He had 19 goals and 35 assists.

But what is even better, is the fact that he and Max Talbot played for the Penguins. Max Talbot scored two goals in the final two games in the 2009 Stanley Cup to help the Pens prevail. Jagr played against the Flyers in playoff series in 1997 and 2000. But they are Flyers now, and will be a major asset to the team. Talbot recorded four points, and Jagr, 4 goals against the Pens this season.


Ilya Bryzgalov
Mr. Universe will enter the playoffs with an impressive 1.43 goals-against-average (GAA), 10-2-1 record, and a .947 save percentage which he posted in the month of March. This performance gained him the title of the NHL player of the month. His performances over the course of the year can be put on a scale of 1 to 10 (obviously 1 being bad, and two being good). With the break between the first playoff game Bryz might need some time to “warm up” so he will be a 7 tonight. Tonight will set the tone for how he will play.

Overall, if Bryz turns it on in the playoffs we might see the orange and black go far. The winning season record against the Pens will obviously play a huge factor in not only the teams’ confidence, but his own.

Series Predictions

    • Season Stats
      • (W)3-4 @ Pittsburgh
        • The Flyers will play one of their better games,and demonstrate that they will not be phased by the Pens’ crowd.
      • (L)5-4 @ Pittsburgh
        • The Pens will come out strong against the Flyers, and will score early setting the tone.
      • (W)5-3
        • The Flyers will play a strong game. Bryz and the home-crowd will play a major role in the victory.
      • (OT)3-2
        • The Flyers and Pens will play a close game, but the orange and black will prevail
      • (L)2-1 @ Pittsburgh
        • An ugly loss with many penalties and fights. The Flyers will have to outmatch the Pens back at home to keep it from going to seven.
      • (OT)2-1
        • The Flyers will score in overtime in front of the home-crowd for the second time in the series for the series win 4-2.

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One Comment on “Flyers vs Penguins Series Preview”

  1. April 11, 2012 at 1:28 pm #

    I would be more than okay with this prediction coming true. I agree with you that all of the game’s will be close. No one should win by more than 2 goals. Can’t wait for tonight, LET’S GO FLYERS!!

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