76ers vs Bulls Game 5: Recap, Analysis, & More

The Chicago Bulls stayed alive against the Philadelphia 76ers at the United Center, forcing the series back to Philadelphia with a 77-69 win. The Bulls used an oppressive defense that kept the Sixers to only 69 points on 32% shooting from the field. Despite the box score, however, the Sixers were closer to winning than you think.

The Bulls shot much better than the Sixers and eventually matched them in rebounds. However, they also had their struggles. Deng, who led the Bulls with 24 points, made three buzzer-beaters with two of them over Philadelphia defenders. They were shots filled with desperation for a team that was desperate for any sort of offense. Carlos Boozer and Deng’s shooting made up for a poor outing by the rest of the squad.

As badly as the Sixers performed on the offensive end of the court, the fact that the Bulls hit shots at just the right timesbroke their hearts on defense. Deng’s shots were unstoppable. The Sixers’ offensive turnovers were frustrating, but their inability to turn defensive stops into fast-break points was equally if not more infuriating; Chicago recorded eleven blocks, some of which came on good opportunities for Philadelphia in transition.

Brand only scored five points, and is seen here battling with Omar Asik (

Spencer Hawes didn’t hit a single jumper all night, in contrast with the previous two nights when he was knocking down clutch three-pointers and outside jumpers to lead the charge. Brand got off to a nice start, hitting two in the first six minutes, but failed to make any more on his way to a pedestrian five points. Iguodala did make a few, but nearly equaled those in terms of bricks on his way to a pathetic 4-19 night from the field. Even though Brand and Iguodala had 3 blocks and 3 steals respectively, it just wasn’t enough when good defense just wasn’t good enough.

Without Rose and Noah, the Bulls have been average on offense thanks to their depth and this continued on Tuesday night.. C.J. Watson and John Lucas provided ten total points on 16 shots and struggled to get the Bulls into the set, but Boozer and Deng did combine for 43 points on 19-38 (50%) shooting and 21 rebounds.

The 76ers’ offensive efficiency has been poor this entire series, and they’ll need Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner to start playing like the true tone-setters guards are supposed to be if they want to hang on in Game 6 on Thursday.

Stat(s) of the Game: Assists (CHI 22, PHI 14) and Points in Point (CHI 36, PHI 22)

Chicago distributed the ball much better, creating more open shots and shooting nearly ten points higher than Philadelphia. They also got more close-range opportunities, ones that Brand, Hawes, and Young failed to capitalize on.

Player of the Game: C Spencer Hawes

It was a horrific performance all-around, but Hawes shot 44.4% for 11 points and contributed with 14 rebounds and 2 blocks as well. The 76ers will need more of that in the future if they want to eliminate Chicago.


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