The Power of Chooch: Ruiz Making Headlines

I have always been Carlos Ruiz’s biggest fan, but even I am stunned by the way he has been playing. Chooch has moved from his normal 7th spot in the lineup all the way up to the 4th, even though he isn’t the conventional cleanup hitter.  This could be the spot for him as he has 3 hits already in two games at that spot. Hunter Pence, whose power has been matched by inconsistency, now finds himself in a more suitable 3rd position where he’s gone 3-7 in the last two games with three runs scored and a game-winning homer.

Even the return of these two shouldn’t alter how Charlie uses Ruiz; he is still the team’s MVP.

Assuming Howard comes back sometime soon, Ruiz will obviously have to be lowered to the 5th spot. Manuel should probably not move him farther down, in my opinion, because of his clutch, consistent bat. If that were the case, Chase Utley would come back hitting in the sixth spot, which makes sense due to his injury record also. Due to his chronic knee problems, it is hard to imagine that Utley will match anything that Ruiz, Pence, or even Howard can offer at the plate.

So far this season, Ruiz’s batting average is .366 and he has seven home runs with 29 RBIs. He is by far the team’s best hitter and is without a doubt one of the best offensive and defensive players alike in the whole MLB, especially at the catcher position. He is patient at the plate and does not swing at wild pitchers, unlike plenty of his teammates. This is why we have to take advantage of this blessing and utilize the strongest player we’ve had at his position since the Dutch Daulton era.


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