What Would Be a Philadelphia Phillies “Dream Lineup”?

The 2012 MLB season is about 1/3 done and the Philadelphia Phillies are in last place in the National League East. The Phillies are now 30-34, 9.5 games behind Washington, and 2-8 in their last ten games.

Injuries have prevented much of 2011’s lineup from seeing the field.

The injuries this year have obviously not helped the Phillies with Ryan Howard, Roy Halladay and Chase Utley still on the DL. More recently, Freddy Galvis—who’s been fillling in for Utley this season— has been placed on the DL with back pain.

The Phillies are actually fourth in the MLB in hits, but are about fifteenth in the league with runs scored. Their pitching has been much worse than it was last season, and they are still winless when the opposition has a lead after the 7th inning.

Even so, no one can deny that if the Phils ramped up their clutch hitting and pitched like they did in 2011, they would be a force to be reckoned with. So, what would be the ultimate Phillies team? Let’s go position-by-position.

Catcher: This position is Carlos Ruiz‘s all the way, seeing that he’s hitting an unbelievable .361 and is still one of the best defensive catchers in the game. No argument there.

First Base: Ty Wigginton has struggled lately, hitting .254 for the year, but he has a knack for clutch hits. Even so, when Howard returns from injury he’ll be the every-day guy at his normal position.

Second Base: Freddy Galvis has been hot-and-cold at the plate, hitting .230 with 15 doubles. Since Chase Utley seems to have no chance of returning at full health anymore, it seems Galvis will likely re-take the position when he comes back off of the DL from utility man Mike Fontenot.

Galvis takes a hack against the Miami Marlins.

Shortstop: Jimmy  Rollins will likely continue playing shortstop, although he has not shown us that Amaro made the right move signing him this off-season. His Gold Glove-caliber defense is still on display, but his .230 average is not what we expected from the 33-year old.

Third Base: This is a tough decision. Placido Polanco has been the starter and he’s been hitting a respectable .289 so far this season, especially turning it on in May and early June. The best answer in my mind would be to play him 4-5 games a week and give the other 2 to Wigginton so that we keep Ty working and give Polanco adequate rest.

Left Field: So far the Phillies have used a squadron of people consisting of Juan Pierre, John Mayberry, and Laynce Nix. Pierre is the NL’s fifth-best hitter with an impressive .326 average, but his fielding and base-running have been subpar. He has the worst arm in the history of Major League outfielders.

Nix is batting great, but he’s injured so I expect it will drop when he comes back.  Mayberry has been struggling this season at the plate and will not do anything but hurt this team if he continues to swing and miss. So, with that said, I’m going with Pierre because he can hit, which is what we need.

Center Field: This is Shane Victorino‘s home, although if Amaro decides to pull the trigger on a deal involving Victorino, I’ll put Mayberry there with Pierre still in left. For now, however, Shane’s speed, glove, and arm just too good to overcome his inconsistencies at the plate.

Right Field: This is obviously Hunter Pence‘s for the rest of the season, seeing as his batting average is climbing and he can still hit for power.

That gives you a starting eight of Ruiz, Howard, Utley, Rollins, Polanco, Mayberry, Victorino, and Pence. As for the lineup?

  1. Juan Pierre
  2. Jimmy Rollins
  3. Hunter Pence
  4. Ryan Howard
  5. Carlos Ruiz
  6. Shane Victorino
  7. Placido Polanco
  8. Freddy Galvis
  9. Pitcher

With this lineup I think the Phils would have the balance of power and consistency throughout the order which would maximize the amount of production they can get as a team.

Comment below with your ‘dream lineup’ and follow us on Twitter.


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3 Comments on “What Would Be a Philadelphia Phillies “Dream Lineup”?”

  1. Sam Dyer
    June 14, 2012 at 10:42 am #

    what would happen when howard and utley come back? will utley play outfield?

    • June 14, 2012 at 11:39 am #

      I think he’s saying that Howard will most likely play first and Utley won’t come back healthy or if he does he’ll platoon with Galvis at 2nd.

    • Tim Scheuritzel
      June 14, 2012 at 12:14 pm #

      Utley and Galvis will most likely be switching at 2nd base as Manav said. Howard will take over 1st base from Wigginton.

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