Philadelphia 76ers: Jrue Holiday Foolishly Desires Max Contract

After being invited to play on the USA Olympic Select Team—which practices against the real Olympic team—Sixers point guard Jrue Holiday apparently wants a max contract extension starting in 2013-2014, according to Yahoo’s Marc Spears.

Give me one second to process that; if Holiday is being serious, up must be down because that is the most ridiculous demand I’ve ever had the privilege of hearing.

Holiday is a nice young guard, but not THAT nice.

After a breakout season in 2010, Holiday slightly regressed in 2011-2012 as his assist and scoring numbers took a hit. Even so, he averaged 13.5 points, 4.5 assists, 3.3 rebounds and 1.6 steals per game in his third year in the league.

Even though he will likely increase production when given more minutes in 2012-2013, it’s hard to imagine the Sixers giving Holiday a five-year deal in which he will earn a base salary of $13 million in 2013-2014 and then the number will rise annually from there.

If they did indeed bend to his will, Rod Thorn and Doug Collins would make Jrue the fifth-highest paid point guard in the NBA. He’d be paid more than the following players: Jeremy Lin, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, George Hill and Jameer Nelson among others.

Holiday obviously isn’t worth that kind of money, barring an incredible All-Star-caliber season in 2012-2013. Many people, including the Sixers coaching staff, like the new young core including Holiday, Evan Turner, Moe Harkless and Arnett Moultrie, but would the team pay MVP-type money to keep it together? I’d be okay with giving Holiday a nice four-year, $20 million extension, but the Sixers cannot be foolish enough to waste that much cap space on potential.

And as of right now, most of Holiday’s worth comes from potential unless he shows us otherwise.

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Author:Manav Khandelwal

I am the founder of Khandyman Sports, and follow all Philadelphia pro sports teams religiously. I also write for the Hoop76, covering the Sixers for ESPN, and am a credentialed Flyers reporter for Main Line Media News.

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