Philadelphia 76ers: What October 31st Will Be Like

Okay, now that all the offseason hype and drama is over, Philadelphia 76ers fans are all eager for the start of the 2012-13 season. The first game of the season is on October 31st when Doug Collins’ squad hosts the Denver Nuggets. So, what exactly is more special about the opening to this season than any other?

The one word that can be used to answer that question is “everything”! In fact, this is the absolute perfect way to start a season. First of all, Andrew Bynum—the team’s prized acquisition—will be making his Sixers debut; when they announce his name during the calling of the starting line-ups, the Wells Fargo Center is going to lose it the way it once did when a certain guard with the initials “A.I.” led this team to the NBA Finals.

The blue, alternate jerseys that Philly will debut against Denver (via ESPN)

Then, of course, there is the interest of seeing Andre Iguodala for the first time as a Nugget; it will be a sad, but very intense and awesome spectacle. I can’t wait to see the “Fargo” explode when his name is called, more likely with cheers than boos.

Finally, one thing I am very excited to see come opening night is the Sixers’ new, blue alternate jerseys, a detail most people aren’t aware of. What a way to start off the season.

With all the new faces added by Rod Thorn to this team, expect October 31st—the first game of a potential “era”—to be a very special day that shall not be forgotten, especially if the Sixers can wrap up a victory.

What should we expect of the them this year? Well, we should expect a very intense, well-fought season,that should turn into a high-seeding finish in the East (hopefully 2nd or 3rd). We can also expect an easy second-round entrance into the playoffs, maybe even a run to the Eastern Conference Finals. I’m unwilling to call us contenders for the championship as of yet, however, as there are still things that need to be done to this roster to get us that far.

October 31st is usually a day of candy and costumes, but this year, it is the day when the Sixers open up one of the most anticipated seasons in a very long time. See you at the The Wells Fargo Center, Sixers fans!


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