Eagles 2012 Analysis: What Was Great and What to Hate Through Week 2

Great: LeSean McCoy finally is getting the carries he deserves

Well it’s about time; Andy Reid for once realized he has one of the best running backs in the league and has actually given him the ball 45 times. Shady proved that even against one of the best defenses in the league (Baltimore), he could turn opportunities into 81 yards and a touchdown.

Hate: They’ve turned the ball over 9 times

Vick is sliding while Reid gains respect.

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but it is so ridiculously rare to win games in the National Football League when you turn the ball over, let alone 9 times in two games! And now the Eagles have been able to win not once but twice. Thankfully we’re at 2-0 with one-point wins despite this, but this has to be a huge concern going forward. If it doesn’t change, the loss column will.

Great: The defense is now a strength

If it weren’t for these tough guys stopping the other team from scoring, the Eagles would be 0-2. They’re turning red zone opportunities into field goals and picking up the big stops when needed to keep the Birds in games. It’s really good to see everyone, especially the linebackers, stepping up and giving 100% at all times. The new scheme finally seems to be working and the coverage is much better than last season.

Hate: Michael Vick is on his back after every play

I doesn’t seem like the offensive line is a huge problem—although its not perfect as they seem to get called for a good amount of holding penalties—so perhaps Vick has to get rid of the ball faster. Should the receivers get open quicker? Is it possible Vick should have more confidence in his early throws? Wherever the problem is. it needs to stop. Sure, Michael Vick is wearing this so-called “protective vest”, but eventually the hits are going to add up to be too strong for the vest, and the Eagles are going to be finishing a game without their starting quarterback under center.


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