Eagles-Cardinals Analysis: 5 Things I Realized About the Birds on Sunday

1. The Offensive Line Is Horrific

Okay, I knew that I always overrated them a little bit, but they look just atrocious right now. It seems that every time the Eagles run a passing play—which seems like every play—Michael Vick never ends the play with both feet on the ground. This just has got to be putting a lot of wear and tear on his body, and if they’re looking to be serious Super Bowl contenders this year, it’s just not something we can afford to let happen on a consistent basis like it has been.

It’s okay when it happens once in a while, but Vick was hit 21 times against Arizona. He needs time to pass the ball, and his banged-up offensive line isn’t giving it to him.

2. Andy Reid Still Doesn’t Understand How Good Shady Is

LeSean McCoy always averages around five yards a carry, he’s considered a top 5 RB in the NFL, and he scored the most touchdowns in Eagles history last season, but yet in Sunday’s matchup against the Cardinals he only got 13 attempts. Even with a 1st and Goal from the one-yard line, Reid refused to give his Pro-Bowler the ball!

To be honest, the best defense against Shady has been his own coach.

3. It’s Easy to Tell When Things Are About to Go Wrong

James Sanders returns the fumble for a TD (via NewsTimes).

Why did I have that strange feeling that when DeSean Jackson failed to get in the end zone at the end of the first half, that something weird or bad was going to happen?

Well sure enough, two plays later, Michael Vick gets hit, the ball is loose and the Cardinals recovered it for a 93-yard touchdown return. At this point, instead of scoring a half-ending TDto trim the lead to 10, the Eagles went into the locker room trailing 24-0. Its almost as if every time they have a big play near the goal line and don’t get in, you can feel that they are not going to get the easy score that most teams in the league are able to accomplish.

4. The Eagles Need to Work on Taking Care of the Ball

I don’t know if they need to go back to the basics of holding a football or what? This team, at the present, really looks like a high school team more than an NFL one.

All I know is that through 3 games, the Eagles have already fumbled the ball six times while throwing another six interceptions. Again, if they want to be a legitimate contender this year, this is a change that needs to be made. There’s no “buts” about it, you have to take care of the football if you want to win games and the Eagles aren’t doing it a good job right now.

5. Vick Needs to Speed Up His Release

It doesn’t seem like it’s always necessarily Michael Vick’s fault, but he sure does seem to have to hold onto the ball for longer than most quarterbacks. Unfortunately, when Michael Vick holds the ball too long, it usually ends in a sack or the ball being chucked away/intercepted.

Maybe the receivers need to do a better job of getting open? Maybe they need to spend more time in practice on how to break defenses? Maybe Vick needs to found his receivers earlier in routes? Whatever the case is, it certainly needs to be fixed.


Well, the only good thing is they are still 2-1 and tied for the lead in the NFC East going into the big game against the Giants this week. It may have been real ugly but still counts as just as much of a loss as if they lost an overtime heartbreaker. I think they can recover. Tthey can be the team we all expect them to be, but these things have got to change if they want to see that happen.


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One Comment on “Eagles-Cardinals Analysis: 5 Things I Realized About the Birds on Sunday”

  1. September 25, 2012 at 1:25 pm #

    Giant fans, and animal lovers, should be concerned, Michael Vick can now own toy dogs. A great spoof article on The Goose –

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