4 Things I Learned About the Eagles Against New York

1. Andy Reid knows how to run!

I know, can you believe it? Andy Reid finally realized he has an All-Pro Running Back and decided to give him 10 more attempts than last week. The only flaw that I saw from a coaching standpoint as far as giving Shady the ball, was that sequence where McCoy got back to back 20+ yard rushes and then Andy Reid called 3 straight running plays to LeSean. Yes LeSean McCoy is usually good with the ball near the goal line, but if he had two prior big runs and doesn’t get in on the next one or two plays, he could be tired or even if he isn’t, its then time to explore other offensive options.

Let’s just hope “Amnesia Andy” doesn’t revert back to his old ways next week against Pittsburgh.

2. This year, the NFC East should be pretty even

Every team has shown they can win, and every team has shown their going to lose. This calls for pretty close divisional playoff race down the stretch of the season, which means these games within the division are going to mean more than ever. So I don’t care if it’s sloppy, dominance, somewhere in between or luck. But it clearly shows that if the Eagles get a win any way they can in a division game, they should be in good shape.

3. Despite the Injuries,  the O-Line is Holding Up

It seems that up to this point every offensive lineman has been replaced. But you know what? They did pretty well last night for a backup squad. Maybe it took them a little time, and I’m not saying Michael Vick never got hit last night, but it sure was a lot less. Also, like all quarterbacks, Vick is ten times better when he’s not under pressure. This has got to have something to do with the fact that he nearly completed 2/3 of his passes, and for the first time all year, didn’t turn the ball over a single time!

4, Alex Henery just seems more comfortable

Despite Henery only missing 3 field goals last year, it always seemed like it was at the wrong time didn’t it? Well maybe it was a rookie being nervous, but he just seems more confident in his field goals this year. Yes, I realize he missed a mid-range shot in Cleveland and it was a little to close for comfort on the field goal that would turn out to be the game winner against the Giants, but I just get a sense that he has gotten the nerves out of his system and is ready to become an elite kicker in the NFL.


Well, once again, the Eagles squeeze out a victory. But it was still a good one against a good division rival, and it could help them with their seeding and possibly tiebreakers as the season progresses. The Eagles’ next task is a 1:00 game with the cross-state rival Pittsburgh Steelers. Although Pittsburgh hasn’t looked great this year, I expect them to be tough especially coming off the bye.


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