Bird Watching: Did Everyone See the Same Game?

After watching the Birds heartbreaking 26-23 OT loss to the Lions, I thought, “Did I see what everyone else saw”. At the time I thought it in moment of shock and disbelief, but as I’ve let this game really sink in, I know see the thought is still true but with different meaning.

Some of us saw just a plain out terrible game that looked like a good solid win for 55 minutes. Others only can think about what major move needs to happen in this organization. Is Andy Reid done as coach? Should Mike Vick still be under center? Then there is the more reoccurring question that many, including myself, thought we would stop hearing about, should Juan Castillo be defensive coordinator? Is the defense really that bad? So who’s to blame here? Or was it just a fluke the Eagles want you to believe in? That will just get resolved after the bye week.

Lest start with the obvious, do I (or anyone for that matter) still think Andy Reid can be successful as coach? No. Is it truly possible for one coach who has been with the team for over 13 years now, to not bring a championship to a city so desperate for anything it can get? It sure doesn’t seem like it. Then why do we sit here and debate the same thing every year? Clearly the organization has its own opinion and has set their own standards for Coach Andy, so lets not talk about this problem because its not getting resolved in the middle of the season.

Okay, now you can move on to the next most important thing, the starting quarterback who turned the ball over another 3 times this past week. All right, the fumble appeared to be center Dallas Reynolds’ fault, but there is still no excuse for the interceptions. I really just don’t see why there are a couple per game; Michael Vick just has the sudden urge to throw deep into tight coverage, even when it’s clearlynot working! So either find another receiver or scramble and throw it away, because these long bomb picks are becoming ridiculous.

Throwing Foles to the wolves isn’t a very smart idea (via Getty Images).

And now to the defense, which many people think let the team down. But so far this season the defense is what all of us fans have said is the one thing that is currently great about the team, and now after watching this game, we can’t even say that. But where is this problem coming from? Is it coming from the secondary? Are we just not putting enough pressure on the opposing quarterback? Or we could go back to the answer from last year, Juan Castillo (who was recently fired). Is Todd Bowles going to suddenly make a difference and push this unit to its full potential? This is has got to be the number one priority going into the well-needed bye week.

So, what’s the solution? Of course, in a perfect world, we would have a new head coach, an experienced defensive coordinator and a better decision-making quarterback. But this doesn’t mean I’m ready to throw Nick Foles right on the field. Sure his preseason was impressive, but I have a feeling that if they decide to put him into a real game, he may not be the great player people expect him to be. My personal, optimistic opinion is that you have to stay with Vick despite the turnovers; he’s still keeping you in games. The real problem that’s stood out to me is the late game stops on defense. Should they hold those leads in the last two weeks, us fans would be very satisfied with a 5-1 record. If the defense can get their act together over the course of what is going to seem like this never ending bye week, I think we should be in good shape moving forward; and hey, who knows? Andy Reid is undefeated coming out of the bye week, he could shock some people.


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