Philadelphia Eagles: Week 8 Injury Report

As usual, the Philadelphia Eagles have a long list of injuries. Even after a bye week, there are a few players that will not be able to compete in their tough Week 8 matchup against the Atlanta Falcons. Let’s take a look at who will and will not be playing this week:

Nate Allen, S (Hamstring): Probable

Philadelphia Eagles’ Safety Nate Allen has been hurt for a while now but he has still played through his injuries. You should not expect much from him, although he did make 8 total tackles in Week 5 against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Colt Anderson, S (Knee): Probable

Anderson has been dealing with a knee injury for quite some time now. Although he does not play much, the Eagles could benefit from his contributions especially with a possibility of Nate Allen not playing.

Kurt Coleman, S (Shoulder): Probable

If Kurt Coleman does not play this could be a significant blow to the Eagles with a possibility of not having 3 safeties for a game against a team (Atlanta Falcons) that can be very lethal in their deep passing game. The Eagles have allowed 20.8 points per game and that average may certainly go up without Kurt Coleman at safety.

Danny Watkins, G (Ankle): Doubtful

With Danny Watkins likely not to play, this could mean trouble for Michael Vick. Lets take a look at the possible series of events with Watkins hurt: Michael Vick will either get sacked and hurt or turn the ball over 4+ times, then Nick Foles will come in, the Eagles will then have a losing record to end the season which means, no Andy (Reid), and no Vick. The offensive line is already struggling so the last thing they need is for one of their lineman not to play.

Other Notable Injuries:

Phillip Hunt, DE (Calf): Questionable. Cedric Thornton, DT (Hand): Probable. Jon Dorenbos, LS (Hand): Probable.


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