Philadelphia Sixers vs. Denver Nuggets Preview

Coming off of an exciting offseason, the Philadelphia 76ers will begin their 2012-2013 campaign against the Denver Nuggets. These will be a very competitive game because both teams have young rising stars like Andrew Bynum for the Sixers and Ty Lawson for the Nuggets. This game will also be exciting because it will be Andre Iguodala’s first game as a Denver Nugget and he will be returning to where he started (Philadelphia).

Let’s take a look at the projected lineup for each team:

76ers Nuggets
PG Jrue Holiday Ty Lawson
SG Jason Richardson Andre Iguodala
SF Evan Turner Danilo Gallinari
PF Spencer Hawes Kenneth Faried
C Andrew Bynum Javale McGee

Iguodala will make his return to Philly.

These are all great match-ups but 1 important match-up is going to be Andrew Bynum vs. Javale McGee. McGee is known for his shot-blocking while Bynum is well-known for his ability to get in the paint and score points. McGee averaged 2.5 blocks per game with the Nuggets last year, while Bynum averaged 18.7 points per game with the Los Angeles Lakers. Although Bynum is the better center, this should be an interesting match-up, because of the skills they possess.

There will also be 2 key aspects to this game: Bench scoring and rebounding. Both teams have a great bench. The Sixers have players like Nick Young, Dorell Wright, and Thaddeus Young, all who can score in buckets. The Nuggets have young defensive stars on their bench, including Wilson Chandler and Corey Brewer.

Prediction: 76ers 96, Nuggets 89

The Sixers have a tough season opener, but they have enough talent to win. They need to make sure Bynum stays healthy and that Jrue Holiday needs to take control of the game early.


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