Eagles Week 10 Analysis: Negatives Standing Out


The defense is struggling on so many levels

Whether it’s the Coverage, idiotic penalties or just the poor display of tackling there’s absolutely nothing good to be said about the defense. You can sit here and blame cornerbacks Nnamdi Asomugha, or Dominic Rodgers-Cromartie, but truthfully it’s just a horrible team effort. There’s no pressure on the quarterback, horrible coverage down field and every time they get a big time stop, it doesn’t seem long until a flag comes flying on the field.

Clock Management is still mediocre

It starts with the audibles, continues with the play calling and most importantly with preserving your timeouts. This isn’t necessarily the biggest problem with this disgraceful football team, but I believe its something that needs to be addressed, as it seems other football teams can accomplish it a lot better than the Eagles can. If they want to turn this season around this cannot be a forgotten subject in practice.

Vick struggles under duress (via Getty Images).

Michael Vick looks foolish with the ball in his hands

Yes I’ll give it too him, lots of times quarterback Mike Vick is capable of completing a pass and sometimes really big plays, but when the play doesn’t go as drawn and he doesn’t have the option to run, he can just be an absolute Moran. His what I like to call “on the fly thinking” is not where it needs to be if you want to be a quarterback in this competitive, quick decision league.

No matter how many carries LeSean McCoy gets, it’s still never enough

Well Andy Reid must have found out the Eagles record when the gives McCoy the ball 20 times and said “well give him 19 and lose”, because although the Eagles star running back was very effective in the first half, his presence was lost when the second half rolled around. I’m not saying the Eagles would have won if the gave the ball to him one more time, but they should definitely give it too him more consistently.

The Red zone offense could not be worse

Its official, were actually ranked number 30 in our Red zone percentage. It’s gotten so bad that when they used to get big plays near the goal line I would be happy since they’re most likely going to score. Now when they do that, it’s so bad that I’m happy that they get a field goal because that means they didn’t turn the ball over. They have to get smarter, the play calls have to get better, and they need to stick to the fundamentals when it comes to scoring the ball from short distances.

Let’s look at the positives:

Well that’s just it; they’re doing everything so horribly that it’s impossible to find a silver lining in all of this. There’s really no category in which any knowledgeable fan says “the Eagles do that well”, if they have any hopes of executing the Birds 1% chance of making the playoffs, they need to improve just about everything, and they better do it fast.


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