After 14 Years of Failure, It’s Time for Andy Reid to Go

I remember all throughout my middle school career, which consisted of flooded urinals and a C average, eating a Little Debbie honey bun every day at lunch. I would day dream during class, thinking about sinking my teeth into that delightful treat. But then something horrific occurred. I got sick of them. How can something so amazing transfer into something so usual, so ordinary, yet most importantly so distasteful?

Once a great thing becomes repetitive it turns sour. And this is why Andy Reid has to go . . . now. By the way I haven’t eaten a honey bun in 7 years, and I don’t plan on reuniting with Little Debbie anytime soon.

Reid’s future is tied with the failure of Vick (via TheWarRoom).

Reid gave the City of Brotherly Love some exciting football seasons, but 14 years is too long. I was eight years old when the man took over the Eagles, and this was at a time where I so often misspelled the word beer for “bear.” Now I am able to stroll into a local pub and by a “beer” legally. And still, no super bowl. 14 years is two thirds of my life. Getting my point here?

Listen, I can dive into the most common Reid complaints, but I am not going to because every Eagles fan knows what they are. Horrible in-game adjustments, clock management, play calling, moustache, and the rare ability to take the best running back in the NFL out of the game. Reid deserves a personal thank you from opposing defensive coordinators, especially Steve Spagnuolo since that was the first game all year where his 32nd-ranked defense looked like an actual defense to say the least.

It’s to the point now where a fan, or at least me for example, can’t even get angry. After 14 years of repetitive mistakes, the anger stage has long been gone. Like I said, I am not bashing to the man, I think he is a great coach. You just don’t get to five NFC Championships if you’re not. His time is up, and that’s it.

For instance, although I will never eat a honey bun again, I will always appreciate Little Debbie. Whenever my mom accidently packed me a honey bun for lunch I would make a fellow student smile and give him the snack. Jeffrey Lurie needs to give Andy Reid away, and make a franchise like San Diego smile. We all need a change, Lurie, the players, the fans, it will help everyone out.

Why does he need to go now rather than after the season?

Why put Andy Reid through all of this? He knows he is going to get fired at the end of the year anyway, so why not just let him go now? Lurie has respect for Andy, but how can he wait until the end of the year better? Look around the stadium during the Eagles’ next home game. “Trim the fat Fire Andy” shirts, fire Andy chants. There are even guys outside the stadium selling the shirts I mean come on. Lurie needs to realize that that it’s a business, not a friendly relationship. Thank him for all of the good years and tell him great luck in San Diego, or wherever he goes. If I was Lurie I’d rather ship Reid out now than have him deal with this mess of a season every week. It allows Andy a chance to get much needed family time, especially with the tragedy that occurred with his son in the off season.

Sorry Andy but it’s time to go now. Once Reid leaves ill head to a bar, order a “beer,” and raise it high and say “thanks for the good times Andy, but adios.” And who knows, I’ll even eat a honey bun.


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One Comment on “After 14 Years of Failure, It’s Time for Andy Reid to Go”

  1. Timothy Aikins
    November 17, 2012 at 8:21 am #

    Buy a beer *

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