Andrew Bynum Confirms He Injured Other Knee While Bowling

I had the luxury of sitting next to and speaking with Sixers’ owner Josh Harris during the loss against the Bucks last week. He seemed to be very optimistic about Andrew Bynum’s return to basketball being in early-mid December. Even Bynum himself seemed to be in a good mood when he came over to say a quick hello to Harris during one of the T.V. timeouts. He even laughed when my dad complemented him on his watch.

Just days after Andrew Bynum’s expected return date was released, however, it was revealed that Andrew Bynum has hurt his left knee (“The Good One”) while bowling last Saturday. When asked about the incident, Bynum said “I didn’t see anything wrong with going to bowl.” Well, I have nothing against it. But shouldn’t he be rehabbing, watching film, going to team meetings, etc? Even if he is not playing, he needs to be a leader in the locker room. With Iggy and Lou-Will gone, there is a tremendous lack of leadership. T

he Sixers have been struggling to stay afloat in the absence of their star. 6-4 is a nice start, but not what was expected when the news of the blockbuster trade emerged.s 2 blowout losses to New York, and a half-hearted loss to the previously winless Pistons is just not good enough. As of now, no one appears to know when Andrew Bynum will be back. We here at Khandyman Sports will keep you updated on all things Bynum as more information is released.

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