LeSean McCoy Suffers Concussion in Eagles’ Loss to Redskins

The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off of a Week 11 loss to the Washington Redskins, 31-6. This was Nick Foles’ first career start and it was dreadful. He threw 2 INTs and 0 TDs. Although the offensive line and several wide receivers are banged up, the Eagles cannot find a way to get a win.

Shady carted off the field. The fact that he is sitting up is promising (via Bleacher Report).

The main focus of this game, however, is the injury to star running back, Lesean McCoy. McCoy suffered a concussion in the 4th quarter, and the severity of the concussion has yet to be announced. The hit happened in the fourth quarter during garbage time, when Madieu Williams and he made helmet-to-helmet contact. McCoy was carried off on a stretcher.

McCoy had struggled up to that point, rushing for only 45 yards on 15 carries. While he did have 67 yards receiving, he was mostly held in check by poor play from his offensive line and a strong rush from the Redskins.


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One Comment on “LeSean McCoy Suffers Concussion in Eagles’ Loss to Redskins”

  1. Sam Dyer
    November 18, 2012 at 5:15 pm #

    god dammit

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