Philadelphia Eagles: Week 11 Injury Report

The Philadelphia Eagles are suffering from a multitude of injuries, from 4 of their 5 original starting lineup injured, to their star QB Michael Vick. With Michael Vick out, it should be interesting to see how well the Eagles play. Lets take a look at the injuries for Week 11:

Michael Vick, QB (Concussion): Out

Michael Vick is the biggest playmaker on the Eagles, but sometimes he tries too hard and it results in a turnover. This is not all his fault. There is the bad play-calling from Andy Reid, and only 1 starter on the offensive line. Reid calls pass plays when the Eagles are within 10 yards of the goal line, instead of giving it to arguably a top 5 running back in the NFL. Philly fans will get what they have been wanting for 11 weeks now, Nick Foles.

Jason Avant, WR (Hamstring): Out

Jason Avant has not made a major impact statistically, because he only has 27 receptions, but 17 of those catches were for a first down. He has helped the Eagles move the chains and keep drives alive.

Riley Cooper, WR (Knee): Probable

Cooper has suffered through numerous injuries this year, from his collarbone to all the way down to his knee. Cooper has been a hard worker throughout his time with the Eagles but just has not be able to make the big plays he would like. With Avant out, he should be a little bit more productive than usual.

Mardy Gilyard, WR (Hamstring): Out

Gilyard played relatively well in the preseason with Nick Foles, but because of his injury they will not be able to get together against the Redskins.

Jeremy Maclin, WR (Back): Probable

Maclin’s career has been plagued by injury. Due to his injuries, he has not yet been able to show what he really can do. He is a great deep threat alongside of Desean Jackson, and unlike Desean he can go across the middle of the field and catch the ball in traffic. Maclin is probable to play against division foe, the Washington Redskins.

Mychal Kendricks, LB (Foot): Probable

Kendricks is averaging almsot 5 tackles per game and has played relatively well. His is contributing to this Philadelphia defense, that has actually played worst without former Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo.

Other Notable Injuries:

Akeem Jordan, LB (Thumb) Probable, Chris Polk, RB (Toe) Out, Danny Watkins, G (Ankle) Questionable.


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