Philadelphia Eagles Week 12 Injury Report

The Philadelphia Eagles (3-7) have had a disastrous season. They could easily be 0-10, but their three wins were by two points or less. They have been severely impacted by injuries which is the main reason they cannot find a way to win. Lets take a look at the Eagles’ injuries for week 12:

Michael Vick (QB), Concussion: Out

Vick is still suffering from the week 10 concussion he suffered. Many Eagles’ fans wanted to see Nick Foles get the starting job, Vick’s injury helped their dreams come to fruition. Nick Foles had 0 TDs and 2INTs last week against the Redskins. It should be interesting to see how Foles plays against the Panthers on Monday Night Football.

LeSean McCoy (HB),  Concussion: Out

The Eagles already will have to play without their starting QB but to play without another one of their biggest playmakers in LeSean McCoy just pours salt into the wounds. Andy Reid gives McCoy minimal carries but when he gets the ball he knows what to do with it when he gets it. McCoy should have a lot more touchdowns but Reid decides to pass it on the goal line and that leads to turnovers.

Cullen Jenkins (DT), Foot/Ankle: Probable

Jenkins has played well and he has been a big part of that Philadelphia defensive line. The D-line for the Eagles is probably the strongest part of their defense, with Jenkins, Babin, Cox, and Cole. If Jenkins doesn’t play, the Eagles may have a tough time stopping Cam Newton because he is a Dual Threat QB.

Jason Avant (WR), Hamstring: Out

Avant did not play last week and the Eagles may have suffered a bit from it, especially Nick Foles. Foles only had 200 yards and did not throw any touchdowns. Without Avant, the Eagles are going to need Desean Jackson, and Jeremy Maclin to step it up and make some big plays.

Other Notable Injuries:

Danny Watkins (G), Ankle, Probable. Chris Polk (HB), Toe, Out. Riley Cooper (WR), Knee, Probable.


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