Holiday’s 23 Not Enough as Sixers Lose A Close One: Recap and Analysis

The Philadelphia Sixers (10-7) could not defeat the Chicago Bulls (8-7). Even without Derrick Rose, the Bulls’ Luol Deng was too much for the Sixers to handle. He managed to score 25 points, grab 7 rebounds, and dish out 7 assists. Jrue Holiday played well for the Sixers and he cut down on his turnovers with only 1. Lets take a look at the reasons why the Sixers loss:


The Sixers have not effectively stopped any real rebounding threat and it continued with Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer. Noah had 13 rebounds, and Boozer snagged 12. The Sixers were out-rebounded by 13. Taj Gibson also had 8. The Bulls three best big men combined for 33 rebounds. The Sixers entire team only had 37. The Sixers allowed 12 offensive rebounds which cannot continue to happen if they want to go deeper into the playoffs.

Ball Movement

Jrue Holiday

Holiday played well, but his team couldn’t pull it out (via PhilaPhans).

The Sixers did not spread the ball around efficiently. They only had 17 assists led by Jrue Holiday who had 7. Holiday is trying to spread the ball but when players such as, Spencer Hawes who shot 2-7 and Jason Richardson who shot 3-12 , the offensive ball movement gets destroyed. If the Sixers take good shots, the wins will come along with an offense that flows well.

For Chicago, their offense was facilitated by point guard Kirk Hinrich. Although he did not have a team-high for assists, his 6 assists were important and contributed to the Bulls’ win. Deng and Noah each had 7 assists which indicates that the Bulls are going to be a threat with or without (Derrick) Rose.


In what was a back and forth game, both teams suffered from injury. Aside from Rose, Richard Hamilton went down with a left foot/ankle injury. Fortunately for the Bulls, Hamilton came back and was productive with 15 points and shot 50% from the floor.

The Sixers played without Nick Young and only played 8 players. This was not one of Doug Collins’ best ideas. All of their starters played 33+ minutes with Evan Turner who played 43. Their exhaustion was evident; Turner shot 6-17 and Richardson was 3-12. Without Nick Young to help off the bench, Collins felt the need to exhaust his starters and it was reflected by their play. Collins should have given Royal Ivey and Damien Wilkins a chance to step up and see what they can do.

Player of the Game:

This award will be given to two players (both from the Bulls). Luol Deng and Joakim Noah played equally important roles. Noah had 13 rebounds and 12 points. Deng had 25 points, and 7 rebounds. With Noah Deng may not have been able to perform at the level he did. Without Deng, the Bulls may not have come out with the win and that is why these two players are our Co-Mvp’s.


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