Josh Howard, T-Wolves Rout the Sixers: Recap and Analysis

Tonight was not the night for the Philadelphia Sixers (10-8) as they lose to the Minnesota Timberwolves (8-8). The Sixers have lost 5 of their 11 home games and they allowed the Minnesota Timberwolves to come in and run all over them. The Sixers fell behind early on losing 65-47 in the first half. They were out-played all around. Lets see what worked and what didn’t work for the Sixers:


Alexey Shved

Shved killed the 76ers (via NBCSports).

The Sixers played horrible defensively. They were lazy and didn’t close out on the 3-point shooters for Minnesota. Alexey Shved scored 17 points, shooting 5-8 from 3 off the bench for the Sixers. Ironically, the T-Wolves shot 52% from the field and from behind the arc. Minnesota came into the game as the worst 3-point shooting team in the NBA and the Sixers allowed them to shoot 52%. The only positive the Sixers can take from their defense is that they held 2-time NBA All-Star Kevin Love to 6 points.


The Sixers’ struggles on the boards continued tonight, being out-rebounded 45-38 (-7). They have had trouble not allowing big-men such as, Anderson Varejao to get a significant amount of rebounds. Although Love did not score as much as he would like, he grabbed 10 rebounds.


The Sixers transition defense was poor and it showed. The T-wolves out-hustled the Sixers and converted several times on a fast break. Minnesota’s bench also impacted the game significantly, scoring 53 points. Their bench was led by Russian Alexey Shved. He was a definite game changer with his 17 points. The Sixers were not closing out, and he made them pay.


  1. Evan Turner now has a streak of 10 straight games with double-digit points.
  2. The Sixers had 78 shot attempts, which is good. They just need to raise the amount of made field-goals.
  3. Held Kevin Love to 6 points; great defensive effort from Lavoy Allen.
  4. After playing Royal Ivey, Doug Collins realizes that he can do a lot of un-coachable things like hustling and diving for loose balls.


  1. Their transition defense has room for improvement. They must get back on defense after missed shots.
  2. The Sixers just could not find a way to close out on the 3-point shooters.
  3. Rebound is a place that they been gradually improving but tonight was not good with Jrue Holiday tying Lavoy and Evan Turner for most rebounds for the Sixers with 5 each.
  4. The bench has not been producing with and without Nick Young, and tonight they only accounted for 16 points.

Player of the Game: Josh Howard (MIN)

Josh Howard for the Minnesota Timberwolves played a steller game. He had 16 points, 10 rebounds, and shot 7-12 from the field. Howard, the 9 year veteran deserves Player of the Game, because of his scoring, and has ability to crash the boards. He also shot 67% from behind the arc. The Sixers could not guard him.


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