2012 Phillies Offseason Analysis: Grading Ruben Amaro’s First Four Moves

Ruben Amaro Jr. is entering his 5th year in this coming season as Phillies general manager. Most would say that he has been a great contribution to the team, and is very wise when making deals with other teams. But others might say that he has been a dead weight to the Phillies and should be removed. So far this offseason Amaro has made a handful of trades and deals, such as aquiring speedy Center-Fielder Ben Rever, or getting Michael Young, a 5 time all-star utility player.

Ben Revere

Revere is a perfect fit (via Roto Authority).

Earlier this year Ruben Amaro Jr., sent away starter Vance Worley and top prospect Trevor May to the Twins to acquire 24 year-old centerfielder Ben Revere.

Ben hit .179 and .267 in his first two years, and only had a mere 32 RBIs between the two, but last season he really picked it up. He hit for an impressive .294 BA with 13 doubles and 6 triples. He also had an astonishing 40 stolen bases, only getting caught 9 times. Although Ben’s career averages have not been very good, his 2012 season was phenominal, so that may lead some people to believe he will carry it on into 2013 and become the prototypical leadoff man the Phillies have lacked.

Also, since Ben is very young and has never been seriously injured, he should play a full 162 games throughout the season.

Grade: A

Michael Young

Young is introduced as a Phillie (via

In a trade with the Texas Rangers, the Philles traded away reliever Josh Lindblom and top minor league prospect Lisalverto Bonilla. In return, they recieved 5-time All-Star Michael Young.

Over his 12-year career, Young has hit for a stunning .301 BA with 177 home runs. He has played for the Texas Rangers his whole career, playing several different positions, including 3rd base, shortstop, second base, and even 1st.

Young hit above .300 in 7 of his 12 seasons, but just last year he hit a career low of .277.  Young is already 36 years old, and some people could think that last season marked the ending of his career. Amaro made a risk in aquiring Michael Young, and many people think he wasn’t worth Bonilla, a budding pitcher in Double-A. Amaro should just have stayed with Kevin Frandsen and focused more on fixing the team’s outfield and bullpen issues.

Grade: B-

Mike Adams

The Phillies have recently signed reliever Mike Adams to an expensive 2 year, $12 million contract.

Over the past 8 years, Adams has amassed a ridiculous 2.28 ERA. Last year Adams’ ERA was only 3.37, but this was a very big jump from previous seasons. Last year, Adams complained of thoracic outlet syndrome, which is a muscle injury, usually taking place in the upper body. Adams said that this plagued him all of last season.

Because of this, Adams could spend a good amount of the 2013 season on the DL. Amaro himself admitted the risk, but said that Adams’ past ERAs were too good to pass by.

Grade: B+

John Lannan

The Phillies recently signed free agent John Lannan to a 1 year, $2.5 million deal, who will take the place of recently-traded Vance Worley.

Lannan has pitched a mediocre 4.01 ERA over the past several years for the Washington Nationals. While his ERA has never been pretty good, Lannan is young at 27 and has never been seriously injured; he’s been the workhorse of the Nationals’ rotation for four years. John has always been cosistent with his ERA, with it always hovering around 4.00, but it is very possible the 27-year old can have the season of his career next year. Either way, Lannan will make a good fit with our current starting rotation.

Grade: A-


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