Saint Joseph’s Hawks Midseason MVP: Chris Wilson

The St. Joseph’s Hawks were predicted to be one of the nation’s best teams, ranked No. 22 in the AP Preseason Poll. They have showed flashes of excellence, but have also regressed back to the dark times of last year’s dreadful beginning to the season. The success that they have had this season has all come when sophomore guard Chris Wilson has played well.

Wilson rises up for the shot over a Notre Dame defender.

Wilson has gotten his first chunk of time to play with the starters this season and has shown why he is a Division-1 athlete. He had his real coming out party against then-No. 20 Notre Dame when he had 19 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assist against the talented Fighting Irish. He was instrumental in this game and showed no signs of nerves when put in the pressure of playing a tough overtime game against a perennial powerhouse.

His poise has been contagious and has spread from player to player throughout the team. He is a leader in both action and voice even as a sophomore. When at the games one will often see Wilson guiding one of the upper class men, and even chastising them when they make a mistake.

Chris has been put in a tough spot over the last couple of weeks, because he has been removed from the starting lineup in favor of senior Carl “Tay” Jones. He could have become sullen and angry by the fact that he had been benched, but he has shown a strong character and taken this in stride.

During all the big games this season Wilson has shown a wisdom and ability way beyond his years. His decision-making and finishing ability at the rim is second only to Jones, who is among the best finishers in the entire conference.

This season for Wilson has shown a great improvement in his shooting ability. He has shown improvement in all facets of his game: 8.2 points, 3.7 assists, and 1.2 steals per game. This is a sign for the amount of work that Wilson has put in and how he has the ability to improve. Hopefully this spreads throughout the underachieving Hawks.

Many would have predicted star upperclassmen like C.J. Aiken, Ronald Roberts, Carl Jones or Halil Kanacevic to step up and become the team leader, but instead it has been Wilson who has taken the next step in his basketball career.

Look for Wilson to only improve as they get farther into the season. Expect him to have a big night against Iona after the Hawks have had to big losses to both Villanova and Fairfield.


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