Sixers Analysis: Why Spencer Hawes Should Start

The big 7-footer Spencer Hawes is not in the starting lineup for the Philadelphia Sixers (13-14), although he should be for several reasons. The Sixers cannot out-rebound anyone without him in the starting lineup. Many times it is not because he is more talented than Lavoy Allen, but because he is 4 inches taller. How can Doug Collins not be impressed by Spencer Hawes?

Hawes is averaging 9.2 points and 5.7 rebounds per game in only 22 minutes. Recently, Collins has recently played his starters for 35+ minutes. Hawes’ averages would go up a tremendous amount with that much playing time and he would help the Sixers significantly late in games.

If given 35 MPG, Hawes would average 15.6 points and 9.1 rebounds (via The School Philly).

The Sixers are 20th in rebounding with only 41.1 rebounds per game. In the Atlantic Division, they are behind the Celtics, Nets, and Knicks. These teams have 3 of the best rebounders in the game, including Reggie Evans, Kevin Garnett, and Tyson Chandler. These elite rebounders cannot be challenged by Lavoy Allen, considering each of them are 6’11” or taller. The Raptors are another team in the Atlantic Division, and their rookie Jonas Valenciunas recorded a career-high 11 rebounds against the Sixers.

Philadelphia has allowed their opposing team to have a double-digit rebounder in 15 of their 27 games thus far. Anderson Varejao is averaging 17 rebounds per game against the Sixers in 2 games including a 19-rebound game. They also allowed the Rockets’ Omer Asik to record 15 rebounds in a Houston victory.

The Sixers are 5-8 when they are out rebounded, which means that they have been out-rebounded in 13 of their first 27 games and over half of their losses have came when they have been out-rebounded. Hawes will truly make a difference if he is put into the starting lineup.


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