2012 Year In Review: Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia Sixers have certainly improved their team since the past 12 months and they are only getting better. They started the year of 2012 with a win against the New Orleans Hornets 101-93 and went on a 5 game winning streak. Their year has not been very exciting but here are a some of the major events of this past year:

January 6th – Home Opener at Wells Fargo Center

The Sixers had their first home game in the newly named stadium, the Wells Fargo Center. The Sixers won their home opener 96-73. Hip-Hop was also retired as the team’s mascot. The unanimous decision was made by the new ownership and the fan base.

February 26th – Iggy Named All-Star

Iggy’s All-Star game dunk.

Former Sixer Andre Iguodala was selected as a reserve to represent the Eastern Conference for the All-Star game in Orlando. Iguodala finished the game with 12 points, 4 rebounds, and a spectacular dunk to add to the multitude of highlight reel dunks during the game.

The Western Conference went on to win the game 152-149. Iguodala was the first Sixer since Allen Iverson to make an appearance in the All-Star Game.

May 10th – Win First Playoff Series in 9 Years

The Sixers beat the Chicago Bulls in a best of seven series 4-2. Although the Bulls were playing without Derrick Rose, the Sixers were able to take pride in winning their first playoff series since the 2002-2003 season when the beat the New Orleans Hornets. Defeating the top-seeded Bulls is a big accomplishment for the Sixers and catapulted them into a tough seven-game series with the Cs.

May 16th – Lose in Eastern Conference Semifinals

Just 16 days after winning their first series in 9 years, the Sixers lost in the Eastern Conference Semifinals to the Boston Celtics. The Sixers did not go out without a fight, forcing the Celtics to win in 7 games and at that point, the Celtics being the more experienced team, took Game 7 thanks to Rajon Rondo.

July 11th- Trade for Dorell Wright

Shortly after being eliminated from the playoffs, the Sixers’ management took initiative and traded for former Warrior Dorell Wright. The Sixers traded their rights Bosnian forward Edin Bavcic. This trade has turned out to be good for the Sixers, because Wright has played well as of late.

July 12th – Sign Nick Young

The Sixers picked up swingman Nick Young. He is notorious for his layup that went over the backboard, but he is a talented player. He helped the Clippers after being traded mid-way through the 2011-2012 season. He’s been slightly inconsistent thus far but there is still plenty of time for him to get going.

August 12th – Andre Iguodala (Technically a Sixer) Wins a Gold Medal

Although the Sixers agreed to trade Iguodala on August 12th, after physicals and other setbacks the trade was not completed until August 17th. This means that Iggy joins Charles Barkley as the only Sixer members to win a gold medal. Iggy was then traded to the Denver Nuggets.

August 17th – Trade Iguodala, Get Andrew Bynum

Bynum still hasn’t played a single game all season.

The Sixers acquired All-Star center Andrew Bynum in a four-team trade that involved them sending Andre Iguodala to Denver. Bynum has 1 year left on his contract and the Sixers will need to sign him to an extension in order to attempt to be a championship contender if he comes back healthy. Praised as the trade that makes the Sixers contenders, it hasn’t worked out due to Bynum’s knee problems. The Sixers also received Jason Richardson in the trade.

September 21st – Name Tony DiLeo GM

Tony DiLeo was named General Manager for the Sixers. He is experienced in managing/coaching, and has also played the game of basketball. It is a bit ironic that the Sixers hire a new GM after all of the off-season acquisitions.

October 1st – Exercise Contract Option for Doug Collins

The Sixers decided to pickup head coach Doug Collins’ 2013-2014 option. Collins has made the playoffs in each of his first two seasons and has drastically improved the team. When he took over in 2010, he increased their win total by 14.

October 31 – Opening Day of the 2012-2013 Season

Sixers spoiled Iggy’s return.

The Sixers’ first game of the season was at home against the Denver Nuggets. The Sixers won 84-75 led by Spencer Hawes who had 16 points and 12 rebounds. This was Iguodala’s first game not as a member of the Sixers and it just so happened to be against them. Hawes spoiled his return to Philly.

November 1st – Sign Holiday to an Extension

Young point guard Jrue Holiday was signed to a 4 year 41 million dollar deal. The Sixers needed to ink their rising star, and if they need to build their team around him if Bynum cannot play. There are some incentives that could’ve push the overall value of the contract to 46 million dollars.

November 19th- Bynum’s Injury Prolonged

While Andrew Bynum is supposed to be recovering from his knee injury, he further injures his knee while bowling. As a 7 footer, this knee injury can stunt Bynum’s growth as a player. This injury is unfortunate, because the Sixers were certainly looking forward to having Bynum. This may not only impact his time with the team now but also in the future.


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