Biggest Hits and Misses of the Andy Reid Era

Andy Reid, the most successful coach in Philadelphia Eagles History, was fired December 31st and with that we begin a new era. If you ask ten people about Coach Reid you will probably get ten different answers. I am here to list what he did right and what he did wrong in each year of his 14-year tenure.


Drafted Donovan McNabb over Ricky Williams – BIG HIT

Appoints Jim Johnson to be defensive coordinator, which helps create one of the top defenses in all of football – BIG HIT


Opened up the 2000 season with an Onside Kick against Dallas, which kick-started an overachieving Eagles squad that would go on to make the playoffs that year – BIG HIT

Before the first home playoff game in 5 years, Coach Reid was spotted handshaking and pumping up fans waiting for tickets. Showed why players loved playing for him – HIT


The Eagles draft Freddie Mitchell over Chad Johnson, Reggie Wayne and Chris Chambers – BIG MISS

The Eagles drop a home game to the lowly Arizona Cardinals, which begins to make us Philly diehards realize that Reid is not a fan of the running game – MISS

The Eagles are embarassed by the Redskins at home, losing 13-3 in the game where Lavar Arrington spied on Donovan and we get nothing but short two-yard passes. – Miss

The Birds defeat the Giants for the second time this season and clinch Coach’s first NFC East title – BIG HIT

Even though EVERYONE picked the Bears, the Eagles storm into Soldier Field and stomp them – HIT

Within 52 yards of the Superbowl McNabb throws an interception to Aeneas Williams and their miracle run is over. This is not considered a hit or a miss, because there is no way they would have beaten God’s team of the Patriots that year anyway – PUSH


Feeley exceed all expectations, leading the Eagles to the playoffs.

In the second game of the season, Philly beats the crap out of the Steve Spurrier-led Redskins, 37-7 –  HIT

Week 8 on Monday Night Football, the Eagles continue their consistent format of running and passing and defeat the Giants 17-3 – HIT

Donovan McNabb, after breaking his ankle, throws for four touchdown passes against the Cardinals but is left in the game too long and hurts himself even more – Miss

A.J. Feeley leads them to four straight wins, and actually has Eagles fans beginning to wonder if he should still be the QB once McNabb becomes healthy – BIG HIT

The Birds are stunned by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the last game at Veterans Stadium in what many fans considered the most devastating loss in Eagles history – MISS


BWest breaks the Giants hearts (via

Coach Reid again refuses to go after a big time Wide Receiver and decides to stick with James Trash and Todd Stink—er—Pinkston – HUGE MISS

The Eagles draft Jerome McDougle – Miss

After a slow start to the season, Brian Westbrook, in the Miracle at the Meadowlands Number 1.5, returns a punt for the go-ahead touchdown and ignites the Eagles season – Hit with the assist from BWest

The three-headed monster of Deuce Staley, Correll Buckhalter and Westbrook runs over, under, around and through everyone for a 9-game winning streak, Reid continues to run the ball consistently – HIT

After the 4th and 26 game, the Birds fall again at home to the Carolina Panthers. Even though the weak receivers as mentioned earlier could not get off the line of scrimmage, Coach Reid refused to run the ball and they lost 14-3 – MAJOR MISS


Owens’ big game wasn’t enough in Super Bowl XXXIX.

Andy gambles and signs Terrell Owens finally bringing in what was supposed to be the final piece to a Superbowl – Hit for the time being

The Eagles start off 7-0 only to be rocked by the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-3, leading Andy to put Jeremiah Trotter back into the starting lineup and benching Nate Wayne. The move pays off as the defense is much better against the run the rest of the season – HIT

Terrell Owens is injured by Roy Williams; this would change everything – Push

The Birds still advance to the NFC Championship Game and finally get over the hump and defeat the Michael Vick-led Atlanta Falcons – HIT

T.O. returns and has a great game in the Super Bowl, but thanks to 3 McNabb interceptions and curious play-calling leads to a defeat – MISS


T.O. and his insanity catch up to him and he begins what would be a NIGHTMARE of a season – MISS

Between Owens’ suspension, McNabb injury and the overally struggles of this year, we can call it a wash-  Minor Miss


Free of T.O. cancer, the Eagles trade for Donte Stallworth – Hit

McNabb is not as mobile from his previous injury and has his season ended in lopsided loss to the Tenessee Titans – Miss

Jeff Garcia takes over and resurrects the Eagles season by defeating Carolina, Dallas and New York to lead them to another NFC East Title – Hit

Behind Garcia, Stallworth, Westbrook and Akers the Birds take down the Giants in the opening round of the playoffs – Hit

This was probably Reid’s best coaching job, they ran out of gas against New Orleans but this team still overachieved – Hit


The Eagles do not match the Patriots offer on Stallworth, who goes on to struggle in Foxborough – Hit

They complete a bunch of weird trades and end up drafting Kevin Kolb – Miss at the time

McNabb is not himself out of the gate and the Eagles struggle throughout much of the season.- Miss

They finish strong once Donovan gets his legs back and win their three last games giving us expectations for the next season – Hit


Eagles make a splash by drafting D-Jax.

Finally a playmaker is drafted in the form of DeSean Jackson – Hit

This season’s first half has mixed results with the low point being the tie against Cincinatti and the loss to the Ravens – Miss

Reid benches McNabb for Kevin “Captain Checkdown” Kolb against Baltimore the next week; this only seemed to fire up the entire team as they go on to win their last four games – Hit

With a playoff spot on the line, the Eagles trounce the over-hyped Cowboys, 44-6 – Hit

This is starting to feel like the year, as they defeat the Vikings and shock the defending Super-Bowl Champion Giants to advance to the NFC Championship Game – Hit

In a wild game which I never thought the Eagles would lose, Kurt Warner leads a last-minute drive to give the Cardinals the lead and what would turn out to be the last chance for the Eagles – MISS


Many veterans, including Brian Dawkins, Correll Buckhalter, Jon Runyan and Tra Thomas do not return to the team, leaving a huge leadership void – Miss

Legendary Defensive Coordinator Jim Johnson passes away, and as we know now Andy Reid was never able to replace him – Miss

Fresh from his release from prison, Michael Vick is signed which shocked everybody – Hit

Behind DeSean Jackson’s All-Pro season, the Eagles are in position to win the NFC East – Hit

A quite frankly better Cowboys teams beats the birds two weeks in the row ending their season and the Donovan Mcnabb era.-Miss


Eagles trade up to snag Brandon Graham, miss out on Jason Pierre-Paul and Earl Thomas in 2010 draft – MISS

Donovan is traded within division to the Redskins, which turns out to be a big mistake for the Skins – Hit

The first game of the season is not going well, Kevin Kolb is knocked out of the game, which would lead to the Michael Vick era – Surprising Hit

Vick is oustanding and even when he is hurt, Kolb provides great relief leading the Eagles to a 10-6 record and Andy’s FINAL NFC EAST TITLE – Hit

Despite a weak offensive line,sub-par defense, and a lack of calling running plays for LeSean Mccoy, the Eagles still have a chance to defeat the upstart Green Bay Packers.- Hit

In case you do not know, Reid calls a pass play even though there were gapping holes for McCoy to run through and Vick throws an interception, season over in Wild Card round – Miss


The Eagles make explainable mistake of signing Asomugha (via

The Birds uncharacteristically go hard in free agency, brining in Nnamid Asoughma, Cullen Jenkins, Jason Babin and Vince Young – Miss

Andy hires Jim Washburn to coach his defensive line – Miss

He also promotes Juan Castillo to Defensive Coordinator – Miss

They are able to trade Kevin Kolb to Arizona  for a second round pick and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie – Hit

From the get go you can tell this team is not the same, the cant stop anybody on defense, Vick is thinking too much and turning the ball over and their offensive line is still struggling – Miss

Despite the warning signs that they sucked, the Birds finish the strong on a 4-game winning streak, giving us hope for 2012 – Hit


The Eagles trade for DeMeco Ryans, filling their much needed middle linebacker position – Hit

The first four games start off rocky, but the Eagles manage a 3-1 start with victories over Baltimore and New York – Hit

The problems catch up to them, Vick isnt the same electryfying player he was two years ago, the receives disapper in games, the defense does not get better even after the Castillo firing, Jim Washburn is a douche, the offensive line is somehow worse than last year – Miss

Injuries, benchings, firings, player regressions and out right releases lead to Coach Reids dismissal. What is more disheartening about this honestly it should have been done last year and we may have RG3 or Russell Wilson I kid you not – FINAL MISS

As you can see there are many hits and misses through the Coach Reid Era, if only he had brought one superbowl title then more people would appreciate him. I will always appreciate Andy because he brought us back from irrelevance. Who remembers the Rich Kotie and Ray Rhodes years? Who remembers the Buddy Ryan playoff winless teams(13)? Andy Reid brought the Eagles back to respectability and leaves in a much better situation than Ray Rhodes did. I have no doubts that he will be successful wherever he lands next. Farewell Coach Reid soon enough you will be appreciated!


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Author:Manav Khandelwal

I am the founder of Khandyman Sports, and follow all Philadelphia pro sports teams religiously. I also write for the Hoop76, covering the Sixers for ESPN, and am a credentialed Flyers reporter for Main Line Media News.

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