Projecting the 2013 Philadelphia Phillies 25-Man Roster

Just like any other year, the Phillies have a huge amount of pressure heading into the 2013 season. However, the Phillies are no longer the favorites to win the NL East, all thanks to the young and talented Washington Nationals. After a disappointing finish to their 2012 campaign, ending at 81-81, the Phillies went into the offseason with plenty of holes to fill, but a limited amount of cash at their disposal. Because of other teams finding new sources of cash from a new TV deal on the way, they Phillies were forced to fill their needs in ways they were not use to. They still have a lot of questions and possible moves to make several weeks before spring training begins, but Amaro has said he is happy with how his teams stands, so we can have our first preview of the 2013 Phillies.


A healthy Howard would be huge.

As long as Utley and Howard are healthy, the aging Michael Young does not get injured, and you don’t include Ruiz’s injury, the infield is the only part of the Phillies team that is set in stone. With Ruiz out for the first 25 games of the season, Erik Kratz will come off the bench and play for Ruiz until his return.

Going into the offseason, Howard, Utley, Ruiz, and Rollins were all guaranteed to return to the team as starters, but one of the Phillies biggest needs was a all around 3rd baseman. Their need was filled with a trade with the Texas Rangers for All-Star 3rd baseman Michael Young. After getting him relatively cheap, the Phillies should hope for Young to preform relatively similar to way he did last year, and while that was a bad year for him, it would still help the Phillies.

Projected Starters: Howard (1B), Utley (2B), Rollins (SS), Young (3B), Kratz/Ruiz (C)


Adding Revere sures up CF.

Heading into the offseason, every spot in the outfield was up for grabs.

Young players like Ruf, Brown, and Mayberry were expected to compete for jobs in Spring Training. But with too much doubt in the organization, the Phillies needed some sense of certainty, so they traded for Minnesota Twins CF Ben Revere. Although the Phillies gave up a lot to acquire him, they received a younger and much cheaper version of Michael Bourn. With a .294 average, blazing speed, and a reliable glove, he’s could be the ideal center-fielder.

However, their corner outfield options are less certain. Heading into spring training, they seem to plan to use a double platoon of Darin Ruf and Laynce Nix in left with John Mayberry and Dominic Brown in right. Unless a player shines in spring training or a trade occurs, this will be what they use during the season.

Projected Starters: Ruf/Nix (LF), Revere (CF), Mayberry/Brown (RF)


The bench is an area where the Phillies have some options. Because of the double platoon in the outfield and a max of 25 players on the roster, the Phillies most likely will not carry any more outfielders. Also, both John Mayberry and Laynce Nix can play 1st and give Howard a rest. If Ruf plays well early in the season, you could see Nix on the bench more often then any of the four.

Kevin Frandsen and Erik Kratz have both earned spots on the team as well, and they round out what the Phillies have to have on the bench. But they can still afford one more player, and it comes down to Freddy Galvis or Ender Inciarte, a infielder or outfielder respectively. Both are good defenders but not great at the plate, so the edge could be given to Inciarte do to his great speed.

Starting Pitching

Hamels is now the ace of the Phils’ strong staff.

This is another solid spot for the Phillies. With their 3 aces all coming back in 2013—likely healthy—the Phillies are already stacked in this position. The fourth spot has to go to the reliable Kyle Kendrick, and if he can repeat what he did the second half of last year, the Phillies could have one of the best 4th starters in the league. After the All-Star break, Kendricks was 9-4 with a sterling 2.87 ERA.

The final position originally belonged to Vance Worley, but since he was traded to the Minnesota Twins, the Phillies signed a low-risk, high-reward deal with John Lannan. With quality numbers against every team in the league except the Phillies, he could also become one of the better 5th men in the league. In fact, in his last three seasons, Lannan has gone 3-7 against the Phils with a 5.29 ERA and 19-15 against the rest of the league with a 3.87 ERA. Oh yeah, and he’s gone a combined 8-1 against the rest of the NL East (excluding the Phils) in that time span as well.

The only other player that has a shot to make this list out of Spring Training is Tyler Cloyd, but with low speed on his pitches, he might not have what it takes to be a starter yet.

Projected Starters: Hamels, Halladay, Lee, Kendrick, Lannan

Relief Pitching

This was the Phillies weakness last year, but after a strong end to the 2012 season and a key signing, relief pitching could become a strength. Spots are guaranteed to Johnathon Papelbon, Mike Adams, Phillippe Aumont, and Antonio Bastardo, but other then that the Phillies have many different options. Justin De Fratus, Raul Valdes, Mike Stutes, Jeremy Horst, and even Tyler Cloyd could all fight for a spot on the roster. However, expect Raul Valdes and Tyler Cloyd to be the odd men out once the final roster is set.

Overall, the Phillies had a lot of big holes in 2012 that led to their bad record, but with a smart offseason and better health in 2013, watch out for the Phillies to be competing for the top spot in the NL East once again.


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