76ers Analysis: Sunshine/Overcast Week 11

Sunshine and Overcast

A new year means a new start, and the way the Philadelphia 76ers (16-22) are playing, they desperately need that. After a brutally long road trip, the Sixers finally returned home, but not before losing 6 of 8. The only good news of that road trip is that the franchise of our team, Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday, played well, averaging career highs in points, assists, and rebounds. While the past few weeks have been very gloomy for our beloved Sixers, hopefully the sun peaks out and leads us to key wins.

Sunshine: Jrue Holiday and Thaddeus Young

Jrue Holiday 

Despite many blowout losses that can be blamed on a lot of people, one person we can’t blame is the Sixers best player, Jrue Holiday, who is still building up an astounding resumé for an All-Star berth. Just this Saturday, Holiday exploded for 30 points against James Harden and the Houston Rockets in a 107-100 win.

On the recent road trip, Holiday averaged 19.4 points per game, 9.3 assists per game, and 4.3 rebounds per game. In fact, Jrue Holiday and Russell Westbrook are the only two players in the NBA that are averaging 18 PPG, 8 APG, and 4 RPG this season. If there’s any reason we should have hope for our Bynum-less Sixers, it should be to watch Jrue Holiday receive some recognition for his great play.

Thaddeus Young

Thad had a big game against Houston.

Another player we can’t blame the four straight blowout losses on is Thaddeus Young, who has simply been tremendous this year and the recent skid hasn’t fazed Thad. In Saturday’s win over Houston, he scored 18 points while grabbing 12 rebounds. Thad is averaging an impressive 14.8 points and 7.2 rebounds this season.

The most amazing thing, however, is the amount of All-Star talk he is receiving. How much is he getting, you ask? How about none! He’s one of the very few athletic players who can take the beating of being a post-man and still have enough energy to sprint down to the other end of the court and finish a fast break off with a dunk. These past few weeks have shown that he’s very capable of being an All-Star, so expect him to show nothing less this week, especially with all the games at home.

Overcast: Lavoy Allen and Jason Richardson

Lavoy Allen

If there is one helpful thing that these long road trips show, it’s to see how well your team can play after just playing a game the night before, 500 miles away. As expected, the team struggled because of the exhaustion, but Lavoy Allen looked like himself: not playing up to expectations. In the playoffs last year, he filled in nicely for the injured Spencer Hawes, almost carrying the Sixers (with help of course) to face the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.

This year is a different story, as he’s only contributing rebounds, 5.3 in 23 minutes with poor offensive outputs and less stellar defensive performances. The Sixers need Allen to start playing like he did if they want to get back into the playoffs.

Jason Richardson

J-Rich has had plenty to grimace about.

After starting out the season on a roll, the seasoned veteran tripped a little, fell, and couldn’t get back up. He had battled a sprained ankle earlier in the season, but returned. In this road trip, however, he experienced a lot of general soreness and had to miss the last game against the Toronto Raptors.

He’s nearly doubled his turnovers, decreased his scoring by four points a game, and shot much worse since the beginning of the season. He’s even started to lose the trust of Doug Collins, who for a long time was his strongest advocate for staying in the starting lineup with a surging Dorell Wright nipping at his heels. If Richardson can’t get back to normal and stop being dead weight, he could see more serious decreases in playing time.


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