Philadelphia Phillies: Statistical Predictions For Each Player in 2013

With pitchers and catchers reporting, the 2013 season is imminent. Here is a not-so-bold prediction for every Phillies player in 2013. Don’t be to surprised if they come true:

Ben Revere: .308 AVG, 45 stolen bases

Revere will jumpstart the offense (via Twitter).

Ben Revere is going to be a sparkplug for the Phillies this season. He is a burst of youth that is going to make the outfield interesting to watch. He has great defensive capability and is a contact hitter at the plate. Add that to his incredible ability to steal bases and infuse him into the top of the order, you have a kind of talent that the Phillies have not had in recent years. I also predict that Revere will hit his first big league home run in Citizens Bank Park. Although it may be an inside-the-parker, CBP has had a tendency to wreak havoc on outfielders because of the angles of the walls.

Darin Ruf: Hits 26 HRs, Strong ROY Contender

Phillies fans got a brief glimpse of Ruf’s potential when he hit 4 home runs in 12 games as a September call up this past season. If he has worked on his fielding skills over the offseason, which he said he has, he can be another huge factor of youth in the Phillies’ lineup, just like Revere.

John Mayberry Jr: Hits 20 HR

Right now, Mayberry has a lot to prove. After Victorino and Pence were traded away last Summer, Charlie Manuel handed him the job, and he failed. He hit a dismal .245 and hit a meager 14 home runs, while playing 149 games. To put that in perspective, he hit 15 home runs as well as .277, but only played in 108 games in 2011. This is honestly his last opportunity to prove that he can be an elite MLB player.

He will be platooning with Dom Brown in RF in all likelihood.

Delmon Young: Continues 2012 Postseason Success Off Bench

Young played well in 2012 with the Tigers, hitting .267 and clubbing 18 homers. Not much can be said, as he is one of the few outfielders on the Phillies that have proven themselves consistently. Off-field issues might derail him.

Dominic Brown: Hits .310

Personally I was a big enthusiast that Brown was going to replace Jayson Werth in flying colors. He didn’t. He was injured, and then the Phillies acquired Hunter Pence. He sat, and when he came back, he played poorly.  He hit .235 with 5 homers in 2012, which is absolutely putrid. If he fixes his swing issues at the plate, he should have a better season.

Erik Kratz: 22 HRs

Kratz will have a big year (via

He is my dark horse this season to be the Phillies X-factor. He hit 9 home runs in 50 games in 2012, while boasting a .997 fielding percentage from behind the plate. With Ruiz suspended the first 25 games of the season, Kratz should win the catcher’s spot.

Carlos Ruiz: 12 HRs, Plays 60 games

He starts the season suspended for 25 games due to use of illegal substances, so it is hard to think that his monster 2012 numbers(.325, 16 hr, 68 rbi, all career highs) were real. If they were, expect big things out of him. But realistically expect numbers that Chooch has consistently put up throughout his career.

Ryan Howard: 35 HRs, plays 150 games

He should have a bounce back year, coming off of an achilles shortened season where he still played well. If he is completely healthy, he should hit 30+ home runs and play almost everyday.

Chase Utley: 25 HRs, Plays 140 games

Utley is in the same situation as Howard. He hasn’t played a full season since 2009, in which he hit 33 home runs and led the Phillies to the World Series. I highly doubt that Chase Utley will return to that kind of form, but if his knees hold up, he should be able to put up consistent and goods numbers.

Jimmy Rollins: 20 HRs, 25 Steals

Rollins also had off numbers in 2012, as did almost every Phillie, but he should return to his younger form in 2013, as this time he has protection in the lineup. He should be a little better than average.

Michael Young: .310 average, 23 HRs, 95 RBIs

Michael Young had an off season in 2012, but I believe that can mainly be the fault of his situation with Rangers. After they signed Adrian Beltre, Young was forced to DH most of the season, which made him very unhappy and led to his departure. Expect a bounce back year from Young, who can be a serious threat behind the plate and in the field at his native position.

Roy Halladay: 17 wins, 3.10 ERA

Doc had health issues that caused him to have one of the worst seasons in his career. He did not have much offensive support as in his 2 previous seasons with the Phillies. With a healthy lineup to give him run support, and a healthy arm again, Doc Halladay should be able to regain his form and be a candidate for the Cy Young award.

Cliff Lee: 15 wins, 2.75 ERA

Despite having a 3.16 earned run average, Lee only had a 6-6 record. He pitched well, but couldn’t get any run support, as the Phillies had virtually no offense this past season when he pitched. With a full lineup now, he should be able to get the wins he deserves.

Cole Hamels: 21 wins, 3.00 ERA

Hamels was the lone bright spot on this 2012 Phillies team. His change-up was absolutely baffling to hitters of all kinds, and he was arguably one of the best pitchers in the MLB. With more offensive support this year, Hamels should be phenomenal throughout the season and should be a candidate for the Cy Young.

Kyle Kendrick 14 wins, 4.00 ERA

Kendrick pitched very well down the stretch and used his pitches to induce more ground balls than he usually does. He can become a Derek Lowe-type pitcher who should be a very good 4th starter.

John Lannan: 11 wins, 3.75 ERA

Lannan was absolutely murdered as a Nationals pitcher when he faced the Phillies. It always seemed that the Phillies would mark their calendars for when he was scheduled to pitch. With them out of the way, he should now be able to pitch well as a fifth starter to round out the rotation.

Jonathan Papelbon: 45 saves

Even though Papelbon didn’t have many games to save in 2012, he still managed to save 38. The Phillies should win more games this year, and give Papelbon more opportunities.

Mike Adams: 2.00 ERA

Adams is what I believe to be the key acquisition this offseason. The bullpen was very weak last year, and Adams should provide a strong arm that will eat innings and quiet opponents’ bats.

Phillippe Aumont: 45 games, 60 strikeouts

Phillippe Aumont is a rookie that proved that he could be a workhorse in the bullpen in 2013. Physically, he is a monster. Standing 6’7”, Aumont throws a fastball that reaches the mid-to-upper 90s consistently. As a September callup in 2012, he pitch well and showed that he could compete with big-leaguers.

Antonio Bastardo: 65 games, 80 strikeouts

Bastardo was an innings-eater in 2012, and showed that he could be a good pitcher. But with a 4.33 era in 2012, he was one of the main reasons that the Phillies bullpen was one of the worst in the league. With more options in the bullpen to give him rest, however, he should have a productive 2013.

Phillies 2013 Season Prediction: 90-72, Wild Card

The Phillies addressed their major issues this offseason, and if they are not as injury plagued as last season. In a very tough NL east, the Phillies will take second to either the Nationals or Braves.


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One Comment on “Philadelphia Phillies: Statistical Predictions For Each Player in 2013”

  1. Dan
    February 13, 2013 at 8:11 pm #

    All of those predictions are VERY BOLD! How can you predict Ruf to hit 26 HRs, but give the starting job to Young. You have to be more consistent here. You can’t give a separate projection for each player if the get the right situation. Do it how you think the team will actually look on Opening Day. And I also do not see Mayberry hitting 20 HRs, or Dom Brown hitting .310. He hasn’t hit consistently over the past 3 years. Going from a high of .327 in 2010 (all seasons from a min. of 75 games played) to a low of .214. Coming off of a hot year in the minors, he’s always been struggling in the majors. And Kratz will not take over the starting job, like you predict, unless something tragic happens to Chooch, i.e. prison or loss of a limb.

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