Philadelphia Eagles: Positives and Negatives of Hiring Billy Davis

The Philadelphia Eagles recently hired defensive coordinator Billy Davis. Here are some positives and negatives associated with the hiring:

Positives: He’s Experienced

Although the average football fan maybe has never heard much of Davis, he is certainly experienced when it comes to coaching in the NFL. Getting his start over 20 years ago as a defensive assistant with the Pittsburgh Steelers, he’s averaging about a 2-3 year career with each team he lands a job with.

Also, thankfully we finally we have a defensive coordinator who has spent his entire career on the defensive side of the ball (He has never been an offensive line coach!) Whether it be a linebackers coach, a defensive assistant, a defensive coordinator job, or working with the defensive line, Billy Davis has 100% of his football experience on the defensive side of the football.

Negatives: Subpar Resume

Considering he has coached teams such as the Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Brows, Green Bay Packers (when they weren’t always a playoff team), the 2004 New York Giants who went 6-10, and San Francisco (yes, just a short time ago the 49ers were not even close to qualifying for the Super Bowl), he wouldn’t exactly jump out to me as the number one candidate.

Personally, I thought there were better options on the market. Whether we could have had the return of Steve Spagnuolo, gotten Lovie Smith to come here (would have been my number one choice), or even get someone as far stretched as a D-Line or linebackers coach from a more respectable defense—NOT THE BROWNS—I probably would have been more ok with the move. It’s just that when we entered the offseason knowing we needed a new defensive coordinator, the linebackers coach from the 5-11 Cleveland Browns just doesn’t seem like the best option.

Overall: Don’t freak out yet Eagles fans!

Although many are in high disagreement with the move, I think us, as a fan base should see how it plays out first. Many question marks are still surrounding the upcoming season and we shouldn’t say their all bad until they have played a few games first. After all, having a head coach who isn’t named Andy Reid for the first time in 14 years will definitely take some getting used too, just as this and every other move will. We just have to stay optimistic, and wait to see how it plays out first.

Overall Grade: C


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