Philadelphia Phillies: Delmon Young Likely to Miss Opening Day

Young made his first appearance of the season at Spring Training on Friday in overweight fashion.

When the Phillies signed 2012 ALCS MVP Delmon Young, Phillies’ GM Ruben Amaro Jr. hinted that Young would be likely be the team’s starting right fielder on Opening Day. Apparently, that could be a problem.

Young will likely miss the season’s opener against the Atlanta Braves (April 1st) while still recovering from microfracture surgery on his right ankle in November. He had the surgery shortly after the Detroit Tigers lost to the San Francisco Giants in the World Series.

Young signed a contract 3 weeks ago for 1 year worth $750K with several occasions to earn more. If he can weigh less than 230 pounds on six random weigh-ins, he will make a total of $600K. However, Young did not know how much he weighed when and seemed like he was not concerned. He was first seen in the cages on Friday but did not make any further appearances.

How much Young will take part in Spring Training remains a mystery unsolved.


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Author:Curran Aiyer

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