Philadelphia 76ers Mid-Season Report: Player-by-Player Grades and Analysis

The Philadelphia 76ers (22-29) have under-achieved this season thus far, but they are without star center Andrew Bynum, which gives them somewhat of an excuse. Nevertheless, they just have not been able to get it done. The Sixers have been inconsistent and they cannot manage to keep games close when they’re down. This season, only 2 of their 29 losses have come by 1 possession or less. Let’s take the time to look at the 5 main players individually:

Jrue Holiday

Jrue Holiday ASG Dunk

Jrue dunking at the ASG (via CSNPhilly).

Point guard Jrue Holiday has carried this team to the best of his abilities. He is having a career season which includes an All-Star appearance and career highs in points, rebounds, assists, and field goal percentage.

What really makes Holiday special is his ability to create plays for others. Sixers’ management did a great job in surrounding him with shooters and his 8.9 assist proves that he is taking advantage of his opportunities. He can penetrate in the lane and either finish at the basket or dish it out. His shot selection has been inconsistent, because while losing, he finds the need to take more shots. Overall, Holiday has had a stellar season.

Grade: A

Evan Turner

Turner has been an inconsistent scorer for the Sixers. He shoots around 13 shots per game, but he is hovering near a career-low in field goal percentage. He is only average 13.8 points per game, which happens to be a career-high for him, but this has required more shots than usual. Turner is definitely capable of scoring at a much better rate than he has shone thus far, but he is going to have to prove it if the Sixers plan on making the playoffs.

Grade: B-

Nick Young

Nick “Swaggy P” Young has done a great job for the Sixers. His performance in the 2nd part of the first half of the season was more impressive than the 1st and he has even earned himself a spot in the starting lineup. He hits big shots when necessary, especially from beyond the arc. Young has earned every minute that he is getting and he is making the most of it offensively.

Defensively, he hasn’t been stellar, but that’s not really what the Sixers signed him for.

Grade: B+

Thaddeus Young

Young has emerged as a key contributor.

Thaddeus Young has given 100% on the court and that came with rewards and consequences. The rewards are that he is the 2nd-leading scorer (14.9 points per game) on the team and the leading rebounder (7.4). The consequence for him was that he suffered a three-week injury after diving for a loose ball. Young is a unique power forward, because he is only 6’8″, but he is one of the most athletic power forwards in the league and has played extremely well this season.

Grade: A-

Spencer Hawes

At 7 feet tall, Spencer Hawes is the biggest player on the team, but he needs to make himself appear bigger. The Sixers have no type of interior defense and without Bynum, it has to start with Hawes. He did a great job early in the season and earned himself a starting spot, but he hasn’t proved that he deserves to keep it.

Grade: B-

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