Complete List of Philadelphia 76ers Trade Deadline Rumors

The NBA Trade Deadline is upon us and the Sixers have a multitude of decisions to make. Whether or not to wait on Bynum’s knee to heal? Should they keep former 2nd overal pick Evan Turner? These are questions that the Sixers (22-29) must answer by February 21st at 3pm. Here are a few rumors/suggestions that the Sixers should take into consideration:

1. Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes for Josh Smith

According to several sources including John Mitchell of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Atlanta Hawks have approached the Sixers with an offer that includes power forward Josh Smith for Evan Turner and likely Spencer Hawes.

There are several positives and negatives to this trade for the Sixers. Talent-wise the Sixers are getting a great deal, because of the interior defensive abilities of Smith. His athletic abilities allow him to score well also. The negatives to having Smith is that in this coming off-season he will likely expect a large-scale contract. Why would the Sixers pay that much if they could use Thaddeus Young with his much more manageable contract? Smith has also shown a lack of maturity in the past and that is part of the reason the Hawks are doing there best to get him out.

2. Spencer Hawes for Andrea Bargnani

Fox Sports Ohio’s Sam Amico has reported that the Toronto Raptors are looking to engage in trade talks with the Sixers in order to acquire Spencer Hawes for power forward/center Andrea Bargnani. He is a great shooter for a man of his size, but he is injury-prone. Bargnani has only played 25 games this season and has not completed a full season in the past 3 seasons. He also has a contract that is larger than Hawes’ and will limit the Sixers during the free agency period.

3. Evan Turner for JJ Redick

Redick would complete Jrue nicely (via Photobucket).

After losing Jason Richardson for the season, the Sixers could use nothing less than a stand-still knock down shooter like JJ Redick. His name has been swirling around trade rumors and the Sixers seem to be the only team in the running. Redick is also going to be a free agent this upcoming off-season. Redick is averaging 15 points per game. He has been a silent assassin and would be great for the SIxers.

4. Arnett Moultrie and Kwame Brown for Jared Dudley

This is more of a possibility than a rumor but, Sean Deveney of Sporting News spoke about the chances that the Sixers acquire Jared Dudley from the Phoenix Suns. He is a good player on the wing and could also fill in for the injured Jason Richardson. The loss for the Sixers would be rookie Arnett Moultrie. He is an un-developed player but his potential appears to be high. He gives all of his effort when he is on the court. Kwame Brown is worth giving away for a bag of chips, so acquiring Dudley in the process is a plus.

5. Evan Turner and Money for Robin Lopez and Austin Rivers

Zachary Arthur recently wrote about the possibility of Evan Turner landing in New Orleans for Austin Rivers and Robin Lopez. Rivers is a player that could score on a consistent basis and that is something the Sixers are also lacking. Acquiring this type of scorer and another 7-footer in Robin Lopez would be great for the team.

6. Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes for Al Jefferson

In the same article, Arthur also spoke about the chances of the Sixers acquiring star center for the Utah Jazz Al Jefferson, a guy who was mentioned in the same breath as the Sixers this past offseason. Turner and Hawes have had their names swirling in numerous trade rumors.

This trade for Al Jefferson would not be ideal for the Sixers. Ultimately what they would be left with is to star centers in Bynum and Jefferson and if there is the chance that Bynum plays, there will be no room for one of them.


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  1. Bob
    February 20, 2013 at 8:40 pm #

    No way any of these work

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