Flyers Analysis: Answering Your Questions About the Orange and Black

@SportsChatChuck asks ” Should the Flyers trade Briere for a solid defenseman?”

That all depends on who and what they get in the trade. A deal that has been rolling around is Briere for Kevin Shattenkirk. One would think the Flyers would have to throw more than just Briere to get the defenseman many are calling a possible Norris finalist. Shattenkirk has put up 15 points so far this year and his totals are expected to rise. If all it takes is Briere, Laughton, and a 1st/2nd for the 24 year old, take the deal.

Eric asks “As of now, who won in the Schenn – JVR trade?”

Schenn has been huge for the Flyers.

This is a tough one. While JVR has been solid for the Leafs, Schenn has been a huge help to the defense. It’s hard to imagine how poor their defense would be with a guy like Foster in the lineup opposed to Luke Schenn. JVR has been better than he has ever shown himself to be in Philly. Both players are still working towards their full potentials and have a lot more potential to fill. As of now I would call this trade a draw.

George Asks “When Mez Read and Mcginn come back from being injured how will the Flyers manage the lines also what about Jody release him for some extra cap?”

When Mez returns he has a definite spot in the lineup. The sixth defenseman role goes to Gervais or Gus. We may see them swapped in and out to test for chemistry and whoever plays the best with him will most likely win the sixth spot. As for McGinn he will likely take the spot Harry Z holds on the first line unless we see a trade involving Briere If that is the case, Gagne will most likely be put onto the second line, Harry Z will stay in, and McGinn makes the third line.

Finbarr asks “Why is Voracek so hot at the moment, and does this mean that he’s a keeper? Or is he the center for trade bait?”

With the Flyers just resigning him to a big deal, I don’t see him being traded. That is not the only reason I don’t think it will happen. Jake has been their best player on offense and has continued to produce points steadily. He is still young, has a few years until prime, and will continue to get better. No trade coming anytime soon involving Jake.

Kimme asks “What has happened to Claude Giroux? He’s a fantastic player but he’s totally not playing to his potential. Was Hartnell’s absence really to blame? How do his stats before and during Hartnell’s injury compare. “

Currently Giroux is playing to his potential. After calling out the team for playing terrible in Montreal, he has stepped up his game and is showing the flashes of an elite player we have seen previously. Hartnell’s absence wasn’t really to blame in the end. He was playing well before the Hartnell injury, but stepped it up when the rest of the team decided to show up and play after he called them out.

Robert asks “Will the Flyers keep Bryz after this year? If not, who might they go after?”

I truly believe that the Flyers will keep Bryz as their goalie after this year. Paul Holmgren has talked to the media and called him their best player. I think that shows he believes in him as their starting goalie. If they do choose to take the other path and move on there aren’t many options. The only two names that pop out are Jimmy Howard and Nicklas Backstrom, both of which I think are long shots.


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