Flyers 3 Stars: Voracek, Timonen Shine in Disappointing Loss

Another disappointing finish to a fantastic start. The Flyers held a 3-goal lead heading to the 2nd period but then the Penguins scored 4 unanswered to go up by 1. The Flyers cannot expect to make the playoffs if they keep on dropping points they have a good chance of earning. The Flyers look to avenge this loss on Saturday against the Bruins.

3rd Star: Zac Rinaldo

Zac Rinaldo had one of the best offensive games of his career. Zac registered one goal and one assist. Rinaldo was also tied for best +/- on the team with Fedotenko with a +2 rating.

2nd Star: Jake Voracek

Voracek added to his team-leading point totals with 2 goals in the 1st period. Jake has become dynamic on the power play, seeting up play on the half board across from Giroux. His recent success has been a key factor for the power play clicking. His ability to shoot and pass from the half board like Giroux opens up space for everyone to make plays.

1st Star: Kimmo Timmonen

Also like Zac Rinaldo, Kimmo Timmonen had one of his best offensive performances of the season. Kimmo scored 1 goal and registered 2 assists. Kimmo, along with the rest of the leadership group, needs to get this team together quick before its too late.

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