Flyers Analysis: Answering Your Questions About the Orange and Black

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Shaun asks “How good do you think Couturier will be by the end of the season? Do you think in a couple of years he could be an All-Star?”

Coots is a defensive specialist more than anything else.

Right now Couturier is only on pace for 21 points this season. He is capable of putting up more than that, but due to his role as a shutdown forward he hasn’t had to opportunity to put up the points he would have with more offensively talented line mates. We could see his point totals go up within the next part of the season due to newly acquired line mate Simon Gagne. All in all, he will not produce high offensively, but he is shutting down the opposing teams first line and preventing points for the other team.

Dominick asks “Do you think we can add another player that can stick handle & dish off the puck? We have Giroux who is great at this maybe we can pick up a poor man’s Giroux, it will go a long way in helping-out our power forwards & the 2nd power play unit”

I don’t see the Flyers adding another player that can dish off the puck. On their first powerplay unit they have Giroux and Voracek, who are both very capable of dishing the puck. On the second powerplay unit they have Sean Couturier and Danny Briere. Both aren’t as talented of passers as Jake and Giroux, but can work the puck well enough for the second powerplay. The only way I can see a move to get one happening is in free agency.

Brennan asks “Do you think bringing back Gagne was a good idea?

I think it was a great idea. Gagne adds another player to their lineup that plays well defensively and can put up points. He is a perfect fit to play on a line with Sean Couturier. He also gives the Flyers a viable replacement for Briere if he is bought out.

@CPVL711 asks “Is this team with the players we have now suited for Lavy’s system?

I truly think they are. Many people won’t agree on this, but at some point the coach has to stop changing his system, and have the players change to work with his system. When Dale Hunter took over as head coach last year for the Capitals, he had guys like Semin playing a great two-way game. I think it is possible for the players on the Flyers to change their ways a bit to fit in Lavy’s system at some point.

@egul74 asks “If the Flyers should really falter down the stretch, is Lavy gone?”

I’m really not sure on this one. If they end up in the draft lottery, I can see it happening, but 2-5 points out of the playoffs I can’t see it happening. We will see though. I can’t really see it happening without a disastrous rest of the season

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