Sixers Analysis: Answering Your Questions About Sixers’ Present and Future

Q: Who should the Sixers keep next season?

A: The only players worth keeping are All-Star point guard Jrue Holiday, forward Thaddeus Young, and rising forward Arnett Moultrie. Although he has only a rookie, Moultrie has great potential and the Sixers cannot afford to have a player like him go. This already happened to them with Nikola Vucevic. Holiday and Young are keepers for obvious reasons: their hustle, talent, and abilities. Nick Young is also a great producer and is worth keeping.

Q: Who should the Sixers let go next season?

It’s time to part ways with Evan Turner.

A: Tony DiLeo and the rest of Sixers’ management should chalk up the Andrew Bynum trade as a failure and let him go. He is certainly not worth the maximum contract that he will ask for due to his inability to stay healthy. It would not be a bad idea to let go of Evan Turner via trade, because he is inconsistent and has a decent amount of trade value.

Q: What should the Sixers do? (via @PHILADELPHIA267)

A: When it comes to in game situations, the Sixers should not let the ball stay in one person’s hands. They play better when the ball is spread around. Another on court option is to use multiple ball screens to free up their shooters and allow Holiday to penetrate into the lane. When it comes to their off the court situation, they should keep their young players, especially ones who are not demanding large scale contracts.

Q: Why is the team so bad? (via @NotHartsy19)

A: The team has under-performed for multiple reasons including the missing star in Andrew Bynum, their bad shot selection, and they lack of defensive specialists. They have a lot of players that want to score, but their effort on the other end is not matched. They should also hope to acquire a big man with a defensive interior presence, because that is something they lack.

Q: What are the Sixers’  chances of making the playoffs?

A: At this point in the season, the possibility of them making it to the playoffs is close to 0%. They are 7 games behind the Milwaukee Bucks who are in 8th place and they are tied for 9th with the Toronto Raptors. The Sixers are also 1-9 in their last 10 games, so they are not exactly appearing as if they will catch Monta Ellis and the Bucks.


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