Plot Thickens Between Eagles and Geno Smith

If you’re a Philadelphia sports fan, you love a quarterback controversy, the rumor mill, and a good conspiracy theory involving your teams. In the case of the Philadelphia Eagles and QB Geno Smith, it appears that the plot thickened on Wednesday. During the Eagles press conference to introduce TE/FB James Casey and NT Isaac Sopoaga, just signed in free agency, Head Coach Chip Kelly and GM Howie Roseman fielded questions concerning the private workout the Eagles brass held Monday in Morgantown, WV with former West Virginia QB Geno Smith. The fact that Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie was reported as being in attendance for the workout has raised some eyebrows in the media, as he typically has not been known to attend these types of workouts.

After mentioning the Smith workout and the meeting with former Arizona Wildcat QB Matt Scott, the question was asked if the team expected to draft a quarterback come April…

Kelly and Roseman glanced at each other…paused, then Kelly answered.

“You know, I don’t know. I know one thing about since I’ve been here is we’re going to look at anybody and everybody that can help us win football games. If it takes us getting on a plane to watch a guy go work out or bring someone in, they’re not going to be the last two guys that we go to see or bring in here to see. Just because it’s quarterbacks people get enamored with that.”

Upon completion of the player introductory press conference, Howie Roseman held a separate session with reporters. He was hit with several questions surrounding the private workout with Smith and Lurie’s attendance, but tip-toed around the flurry of questions. The fact that the Eagles officially confirmed the report of holding the workout, but then were not overly forthcoming when questioned on Wednesday, only adds to the speculation surrounding the Eagles level of interest in Smith.

Smith is a definite possibility for Eagles at No. 4.

Smith, is considered to be the top signal caller in what is seen as a weak draft class for the quarterback position. Many NFL experts aren’t sold on Smith being a top 10 talent in this year’s draft. However, teams in need of a franchise quarterback have been known to overvalue players and with the new rookie wage pool, they are more willing to reach for a quarterback in the draft because the monetary risk is much lower than in the past.

The Eagles have the 4th pick in the 2013 NFL draft. It is their highest draft position since holding the 2nd pick in the 1999 draft, which was used to select Donovan McNabb. With that said, they may not get the opportunity to pick this high again for some time and seeing the flurry of free agents signed by the Eagles so far, the consensus is that they are building the team with youth for the future and not gearing up to try to win it all next year. They also don’t have a franchise quarterback that can help Chip Kelly’s surge into the NFL ranks.

Is it possible that the Eagles are throwing up a smokescreen as many seem to think? -Sure, if they are targeting a specific player that they think may go in the first 3 picks and want to bluff another team to trade up ahead of them to select Smith or would like to trade back to a team that is desperate for a quarterback, they’ve succeeded in showing enough interest to get teams thinking.

Do the Eagles have legitimate interest in selecting Smith if he’s there at number 4? -Possibly, considering they may not feel confident in waiting until next year’s draft class. While eyed as being a stronger class to choose from, a lot can happen between now and then. From player injuries, to the high probability of not having a top pick in next year’s first round, the Eagles may not be willing to mortgage the franchise by surrendering a package of picks to get into position to draft a top quality QB. In this scenario, if the Eagles like Geno Smith, they have a much higher chance of landing their QB of the future with the 4th pick this year. Plus, while there has been a lot buzz linking the Eagles to E.J. Manuel and more recently Matt Scott, the chances of landing them is much lower than landing Smith with the 4th pick.


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