Khandyman Sports’ Consensus Philadelphia Phillies 2013 Season Preview

In an attempt to bring you, the reader, the most comprehensive Phillies season preview, we at Khandyman Sports brought together our 4 most well-versed Phillies analysts and picked their brains about the upcoming 2013 campaign. Here’s what resulted:

Most Hits

Harry Bellwoar: Ben Revere (180)

Dan Borine: Ben Revere (177)

Will Rieke: Jimmy Rollins (179)

Manav Khandelwal: Ben Revere (175)

Consensus: BEN REVERE

Most Steals

Revere on the basepaths in a Spring Training game.

H. Bellwoar: Ben Revere (43)

D. Borine: Ben Revere (38)

W. Rieke: Ben Revere (40)

M. Khandelwal: Ben Revere (41)

Consensus: BEN REVERE

This one is pretty simple when you take a look at the Phillies lineup. With Shane Victorino gone, the only base-stealer on the team is Jimmy Rollins, and age has taken somewhat of a toll on his baserunning. While he can still average 25-30 steals per season, Ben Revere is now the most prolific base-stealer on the Phillies. In just 124 games last year he had 40 stolen bases; that should speak volumes about his speed. (Khandelwal)

Most Home Runs

H. Bellwoar: Ryan Howard (37)

D. Borine: Ryan Howard (31)

W. Rieke: Ryan Howard (36)

M. Khandelwal: Domonic Brown (32)

Consensus: RYAN HOWARD

Last year the Phillies were led in home runs by Jimmy Rollins, with only 23. That will change this year, as Ryan Howard is healthy and Dom Brown is confident at the plate. I think both will have big seasons in terms of hitting for power, but Brown will eclipse him due to his ability to play a full season without wearing down. (Khandelwal)

Most RBIs

Howard’s set for an offensive rebirth in 2013.

H. Bellwoar: Ryan Howard (123)

D. Borine: Ryan Howard (114)

W. Rieke: Ryan Howard (111)

M. Khandelwal: Ryan Howard (112)

Consensus: RYAN HOWARD

Ryan Howard is finally healthy, and he has people in front of him who can get on base with regularity. With Ben Revere, Jimmy Rollins, and Chase Utley hitting 1-2-3, expect Howard to get twice as many RBI opportunities as he did last season, and this year he’ll actually be ready to go on Opening Day. (Khandelwal)

Most Wins

H. Bellwoar: Cole Hamels (21)

D. Borine: Cole Hamels (21)

W. Rieke: Cole Hamels (19)

M. Khandelwal: Cole Hamels (18)

Consensus: COLE HAMELS

Cole is the Phillies best pitcher in the Phillies starting rotation and he has all the tools to win at least 20 games this season. Cole has pitched over 200 innings in his past 3 years, proving how durable of a pitcher he is. Even when the Phils aren’t producing offensively, he is the type of shutdown southpaw who can steal a game here and there. (Rieke)

Lowest Era

H. Bellwoar: Cliff Lee (2.98)

D. Borine: Cliff Lee (2.82)

W. Rieke: Cole Hamels (2.50)

M. Khandelwal: Cole Hamels (2.73)

Consensus: C. HAMELS/C. LEE

Cole is the best overall pitcher in the rotation. Has a very good repertoire of pitches (fastball, curveball, change-up) which keeps hitters off balance. He also strikes out a lot of his batters, which allows him to get out of almost any jam. (Rieke)

Most Improved

His red-hot Spring shows Brown is ready to break out.

H. Bellwoar: Domonic Brown

D. Borine: Domonic Brown

W. Rieke: Domonic Brown

M. Khandelwal: Domonic Brown


If you were told at the end of last year that the Phillies would have a new exciting face in the outfield to start the 2013 season, you would have thought it was Darin Ruf. But this Spring has been all about Dominic Brown. With the label of a bust top prospect and an sub-.250 average in the past, Dom came in to spring training with a chip on shoulder. He’s subsequently DOM-inated. He is at the top of almost every offensive category, and he is ready to be one of the bright spots of this Phillies team. (Bellwoar)

Best Newcomer

H. Bellwoar: Mike Adams

D. Borine: Phillippe Aumont

W. Rieke: Darin Ruf

M. Khandelwal: Ben Revere

Consensus: NONE

Although both Michael Young and Ben Revere are two players who will help the Phils a lot this year, when you look back at last year the biggest problem with the Phillies was the bullpen, especially in the 8th inning. Over a dozen games were blown when they were just one out from handing Jonathan Papelbon the ball and if the Phillies win 8 of those games, they make the playoffs. Mike Adams is the man who will win those 8 games this year as the team’s primary setup man. (Bellwoar)

Biggest Flop

H. Bellwoar: Antonio Bastardo

D. Borine: Darin Ruf

W. Rieke: Roy Halladay

M. Khandelwal: Darin Ruf/Mike Adams

Consensus: DARIN RUF

A lot of people were high on Reading LF Darin Ruf heading into Spring Training, and for good reason. The quick-swinging Nebraskan hit 38 home runs in just 139 games, breaking a AA record last season; and he continued that success into the MLB later in the fall, hitting for a .333 average with 3 homers and 10 RBIs in just 12 games. But that production has fallen away in the Spring, with the MLB-ish pitching getting to him (.143 average in 1st 8 games). He’s also misplayed a bunch of balls in LF, earning him a spot in AAA Lehigh Valley. While many think the world of this kid, I don’t think he’ll break out this season to the disappointment of many. He’ll have one so-so season in AAA before he finally gets used to the league and becomes the slugger many think he can. (Khandelwal)


Hamels is the Ace & best player on the Phillies.

H. Bellwoar: Cole Hamels

D. Borine: Jimmy Rollins

W. Rieke: Ryan Howard

M. Khandelwal: Cole Hamels

Consensus: COLE HAMELS

A lot of people doubted if Cole would still wear the Phillies uniform after last season, but with a new contract and now the leader of the pitching staff Cole is poised for a huge season. He has not disappointed in Spring Training, and with a team that could have trouble offensively at times, the Phillies don’t only hope Cole is the MVP, but they need him to be. (Bellwoar)


H. Bellwoar: 92-70

D. Borine: 91-71

W. Rieke: 94-68

M. Khandelwal: 92-70

Consensus: 92-70

The reason the Phillies will overachieve and reach 94 wins is Dominic Brown, who will have a breakout year to help solidify the Phils depleted outfield. Also, Mike Adams and an improved Phillipe Aumont will help in the 7th and 8th innings for the Phils which was a major weakness last year. (Rieke)

Finish in Division

H. Bellwoar: 2nd

D. Borine: 3rd

W. Rieke: 2nd

M. Khandelwal: 2nd

Consensus: 2nd

It’s hard to say but the Washington Nationals are a more talented team then the Phillies, and while the Phillies will give them a run for their money, I believe the Nationals will win the division. The Braves however are over-hyped with their new additions because you can’t forget about everything they lost after the season—Michael Bourn and Chipper Jones. (Bellwoar)

Finish in NL

The Phillies will celebrate a return to the postseason in 2013.

H. Bellwoar: 3rd (1st Wild Card)

D. Borine: 5th (2nd Wild Card)

W. Rieke: 4th (1st Wild Card)

M. Khandelwal: 5th (2nd Wild Card)

Consensus: 5th (2nd Wild Card)

The reason the Phillies are 3rd in the NL is because I believe either the Giants, Reds, or Dodgers will have a great season and surpass the Phillies in wins (in addition to the Nationals), but not more than 1. (Bellwoar)


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