Analyzing Domonic Brown’s Hot Start to 2013 For the Philadelphia Phillies

Domonic Brown is off to a hot start this season. The former top prospect had a great Spring Training and so far he is carrying his success into the regular season. In ST he batted .356 and crushed 7 home runs. Now, in the first 4 games of the regular season, he is batting .333 and he has already hit a home run. More importantly, he is seeing the ball much better and he is making hard contact almost every time he puts the bat on the ball.

Brown watches his HR leave the park.

Domonic Brown can very well be one of the most important pieces in the Phillies lineup this year. If Brown can keep this tremendous hitting up, the Phillies will have found their powerful outfield bat that they have been looking for since they lost Jayson Werth.

The reason Brown is making such good contact and hitting so well is because of his new and improved swing. In the past 3 seasons Brown has used a long looping swing that has worked well in the minors because of the slower pitching. But the looping swing was exposed in the major leagues as pitchers threw faster pitches on the outside of the plate, and Brown just could not seem to get in a hitting groove. Now, Brown is standing much closer to the plate and he has shortened his looping swing but kept the power. He also has adjusted his hands on the bat, allowing him to get the head of the bat around much quicker.

Another reason Brown has increased his production is because his confidence has skyrocketed. He is feeling more confident than ever because he is finally an everyday starter. In his past 3 years when he struggled he had to constantly worry about all the good players competing for the same position and he was always fighting for a job and a spot on the roster. Now Brown is “the man” as there is no player to challenge him for the job and thus he is a much more comfortable player.

Dom is not only a power hitter, but he also has tremendous speed. There are not many outfielders in the league that possess both speed and power in their game. The elite few that have speed and power are players like Matt Kemp, Justin Upton, and Andrew McCutchen. Domonic Brown has the potential to be as successful as these players are because of his speed and power. Even before Brown came into the league, scouts believed he could steal 30 bases a season.

Brown is a huge man at 6’5″, 205 pounds and now that his swing allows him to make more contact he will be hitting way more home runs this year. In Spring Training alone, Brown hit more home runs than he did in the entire 2012 season. The confidence Brown now has is transferring over to his fielding.

Brown’s defense in right field has started to improve as he only made 1 error in 87 innings of ST. So far Brown is making big strides to living up to his high expectations in this early part of the season. It is too early to tell whether Brown will be an important piece in the Phillies future, but so far so good.


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